Hook Line and Sinker

So if you've been follow this blog for a while you might remember me a year ago worrying about where my life was going and what God was gonna do with me. I was worried about my QLC (quarter life crisis) hitting hard! And let me tell you, i have a major case of the QLC's and its still raging. In my post last year i was whining and complaining (it happens)about my wants/expectations for this last year and how they all seemed to be crashing and burning before my very eyes. But, like always, God acceded them.
Another year of reflecting...
-moved out of the SheShack and into a place in eastvale
-started a couple of cake decorating classes
-june killed my roommates dog
-had a panic attack
-moved back into corona and rented a room from a guy named dick
-had a panic attack
-found out dick was a sketchy dude and moved into my brothers house
-that was a bad idea so i moved into Andrews house
-planned the wedding
-had a more panic attacks
-move into our apartment 
-married my soul mate
-got in a car accident
-got a house
-got a bad leak
-got to see my little brother and sister 3x this year
-needed my family more than ever
-got a lot to be thankful for
-finally found that middle ground with my job and am starting to enjoy it
-but i still got a camera and equip and starting my own company
-lots of self discover. always learning something new about myself.

So ya, that covers about all the criteria for a QLC: Married? Check! House? Check! Career? Almost there, Half Check! 
Every year of my life gets better and more chaotic than the last. Maybe its just this season of life. Maybe its just life. I dont know. I love it though. I pray that it keeps getting to be more more. Ive gotten to that point where as much as i like to think i got it all understood, i know i dont. And accepting that made my mind opened up and ive learned and seen to many new and real things. 
Its that whole i havent changed but i know im not the same thing.
Im still me- just in the process of becoming the best version of me.


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