If only...

Chipotle delivered.


time bomb

since June's escape i haven't had the nerve to let her have the whole yard to herself yet and the shelter said to keep her tied up for the first two weeks so she learns that she doesn't run the house. i tie her to a basketball pole in our backyard. its a long chain and she has water and food and grass around her. my heart breaks everyday having to tie her up till i get home. she hates it. cries and barks. she is much better this week than last, only now she plays "dead" in the mornings so she wont have to go outside. but i know her kryptonite. bacon treats.
tonight i decided to just lock her in the backyard and not tie her up since i was just going to starbucks for a bit. as i drove back i looked on the streets to look for her running loose again.
 when i pull up to the house i check all the fences. still intact. open the front door and im greeted by a very happy pup. WTF?! how did she manage to break IN TO the house? 
guess she ran into the doggy door hard enough to unlock the hatch and let herself in. she then proceeded to help herself to the left over meatballs, orange peels, burned chocolate chip cookies, melon, and who knows what else in the trash! she has no idea she has done anything wrong. either that or she knows how to play dumb too. 
now im on doggy diarrhea and barf watch.
i lined my floor with trash bags and old towels just in case she doesn't make it outside.

june... like a one year old child but can be tied up and poo outside.  

in other news:
  • chapman asked for more info on me. good thing, i think.
  • over tmobile.
  • SG's new album is making grown men cry.
  • facedown fest is NOT sold out (yet). but get on it people. 
  • im seeing the holy spirit in my friends with my very own eyes. its gorgeous.
  • ive been dating everything today for wednesday. its been one of those days.

im tired. time for some family guy and sleeps.


last week(end)

Here's some pics from the last week:

geoffers doggy proofing the back yard.

june helping. no care ever.

reason #5,112,942 that geoff's the man (installing doggy dog)

Kelsey's AMAZING dog toy suggestion. The Kong. It keeps dogs occupied by teaching them how to french kiss.

penis paraphernalia

The Bride to be.

How she sleeps all night

this little beauty was hanging over some guys toilet in apt geoff was working in so he snuck a picture to me. thought i'd share haha
i guess its life size too.

had a sick day last week (what the migraines is going on with my head lately?!)so i took my holga out to the park. should have some good photos from that once i get it developed.

happy monday


Rob & Big?

Nope. Just wannabes.


meet June

Yesterday, after searching for months in shelters and pounds, i found myself a beautiful german shepherd. i saw a picture of her on the LA animal shelter website and when i showed geoff the link we jetted out to 90210 to play with her at a park event they were having. the park was PACKED with dogs but in about 15 seconds we found her with a volunteer and fell in love with her. She is 2 and 1/2 years old and 65lbs. she is skinny right now from living at that shelter for the past 2 months so i think she will thicken up a bit soon now that she is in a happy home. she is so sweet and loving, likes everybody and doesn't want to be out of sight from geoff or i, has a retarded right ear, when she's tired she literally just flops over on the floor, and we named her June.

not even two years ago I was hell bent on "hell no" to having any animals and any kids but God has done some serious work on my heart. i think i was really afraid of the responsibility of taking care of another life. it still freaks me out that there is someone(thing) depending on me now but she is a sweetheart. i'd been wanting to get a german shepherd for months now. the breed is so smart (3rd smartest actually) and make great family dogs and are protectors. with 4 girls living in that house its nice to know she'll attack anyone breaking in.

now i sound like the many men id secretly seen baby-talk their dogs in private:
"Awww Lucky dooooog!"
"juney-baby!" (<----me)
I don't even talk baby-talk to babies. I tend to just stick safely to their pronouns: "Hi baby. sit. down." (so maternal, i know)

night one was a bit crazy. we left her home alone, locked in the back yard for about 40 mins while we ran to walmart to pick up a few things and to stop by SH and show Chris and Es some support and came straight home. we were very anxious driving back geoff even said, " June better not have done anything stupid while we were gone." sure enough...
ripped the screen

broke thru the gate

and out thru the wooden fence

as soon as geoff yells, "oohhh fuu--" my cell rings. its the people who picked her up. thankfully, earlier in the day geoff suggested i get her a tag with my cell on it. she followed someone walking home around the block from us. sighhh...

haha that right ear...

that's all she did last night until i decided to go to bed.

she's finally peeing and pooing which is a sign that she is comfortable at our house. go sheshack comfort level for bringing out the poo's and pee's! the girls are way excited and love her. jojo will need some more warming up time. today was tough though. we chained her to the tree this morning and she is having separation anxiety. barking, tearing up anything within her reach, and just whining up a storm. geoff is doggy proofing my back yard today but shes going to get used to it within a couple weeks. first day is the hardest. we're both getting used to each other. as of this afternoon she was loving me more than geoff but he is taking her to the park right now so who knows who she'll favor tonight haha.
any german shepherd advice, please share. please.


Friday the 13th!

Happy friday
Happy friday the 13th
Happy birthday Bambi!
last night we alllllll went out to Joe's Sushi in riverside and took over the restaurant. its like the dive bar of Shogun in corona. they played super loud techno music and great musical numbers like "mortal kombat" while the owner walks around yelling, "RIVERSIIIIIDE!" good stuff haha.... oh man, i just posted about bambi's 21st in what feels like only a few months ago! ...finding him passed out on my couch and going to vegas for the weekend. man, time flies... tones and i were just talking about that this morning. realizing where we were last year and recapping on events. its crazy to think one day we wont even go by time anymore. insane.
okay im rambling about nothing...

i really want to step up my efforts on human trafficking. im not buying chocolate from companies who are not recognized by Fair Trade and i really encourage you to do the same. Its something as little as buying a different brand of chocolate you are hurting the companies that are making children slaves in their cocoa farms. Over 35% of our chocolate comes from Cote d’Ivoire, Africa and in that country alone over 200,000 kids are traffiked there and forced to work long hours in dangerous conditions. you can read more about it here. Changes have already happened in the industry from people who are protesting by not buying fair trade chocolate. Cadbury said they would never be able to go to fair trade two years ago and now they have gone completely fair trade! and so much more progress has been made.

places to find fair trade chocolate:
Trader Joe’s
• Trader Joe’s Swiss 71% Dark Chocolate
• Trader Joe’s Swiss Milk Chocolate
• Green & Black’s Maya Gold Organic Dark Chocolate Bar
Wild Oats Market
• Green & Black’s Maya Gold Organic Dark Chocolate Bar
Ten Thousand Villages, Pasadena, CA
• Divine Bars
• Divine Milk
• Divine Dark
• Divine Milk with Hazelnut
Equal Exchange
• Organic Very Dark Chocolate
• Organic Dark Chocolate with Almonds
• Organic Chocolate Espresso Bean
Whole Foods Market
• Green & Black’s Maya Gold Organic Dark Chocolate Bar
• Sunrise (i think? haha but its there)
-just look for the FAIR TRADE logo on the back.

another amazing organization: charity: water
100% of their donations go ONLY to building water wells. not paychecks, not utilites, nothing like that.


I'm Ready

Soooo... i was on the fence about sharing this but, since whether or not i get into chapman is not up to you, i decided why not. This is the video i sent into Chapman for my personal essay.
What you are seeing is the second time i shot this because the camera used first decided to make everyone sound like robots and be broken into 3 big pixels. My gorgeous friend Natalie was the starring role in that one and i had managed to get a big group of my friends all together on a sunday night to be in as well. ....but you wont be seeing that haha. Funny thing was i didnt even really stress about it (much) when i realized that footage was no good. i knew God's got this covered and sure enough, Jolene, my beautiful roommate, volunteered to be in it because Natalie's schedule was jam-packed. Borrowed SG's camera, re-shot it in a day, edited it for a few hours and turned it in a day early.

Thanks to every single person who helped out by showing up and being in it even if it was for nothing. it really showed me who was there for me when i needed them.
Thanks to Nat-snap, Jojo, Larshmellow, Mr. T Boyd, my mom, The Kretzu's, Chris Brown Geoff for helping me with making it. And especially to Mr. Brouillette (geoff's dad is a english prof.), he made my essays acceptable because im an illiterate tard.

Send me your cheers and jeers in the comment section. i'd love to see what you think.

Create a self-introductory video no more than two minutes in length. You video should visually highlight something about yourself, your personality, your interests, etc. that is not related to film. the only rule is that you may NOT appear in the video in any way, so be creative. Videos can be as complex or simple as you like but should have a clear story. You dont have to edit this project; it can be one long shot. Video can be live action or a slide show with text and phrases, or a combination. We are looking for your strengths at conveying a story visually and for evidence of your creativity rather than your technical abilities.


im going to disneyland!

we got disneyland passes! so psyched. if you got one, lets go!
and ya, i got murdered at buzz light year twice. im sticking with, "there was something wrong with my gun" but whatever... it was just a chipotle bet.

other updates....
-heather is getting married in a few weeks
-linds moves in!
-i only eat fair trade chocolate now. i never thought it would be so difficult to find fair trade food but just knowing that my money isnt supporting enslaved kids feels good. see what i mean here. starting with chocolate and im going to buy what food i can fair trade.
-i turned in my application to chapman, on time, thank you very much.
-i LOVE the picture on my header.
-looking at buying a house by the end of this year. as much as i dont like the idea of setting any kind of roots here in corona that are as permanent as a house, seeing as i probably wont be moving away any time soon, it would be a stupid for me to pass on such a good investment. so ya, if you got any advice, email me or aim me.
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