happy anniversary

we are like a sorority and its the dorm college experience i never had. living with them has made me a better person.
iron sharpens iron, i suppose.

i love you ladies so bad!




Maybe this is just me but...


Mike Rowe/Grayson

Handsome Rob(Jason Statham)/Matt

Greys Anatomy/Kelsey

Mac (Justin Long)/Mike Ozaki


Shrek's Price Charming/Jonathan

Al Borland/Mark

Matt Damon/Chuck Baby

America (sisterhood of the traveling pants)/Brenda

hahaha oh travis boyd


sights & sounds

family fun packs: 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 sodas = $39
16 people, one tailgater, and a "cornhole" competition later....

sure they're nose bleed seats...

but the right fielder can still hear us:

the wave:

Torii Hunters home run... made me think of nat

7th inning stretch

Bryan getting a lil restless:

even the big guy came down to watch the game.


we are def doing this again.



i don't get why people pull the religious card on the gay marriage issue. 
i mean, if you want to go that far why call any marriage between a man and a woman who don't believe in God a marriage? 
why not show all people love and equal rights?
why not let the people who are homosexual have a little piece of paper that says they are lawfully recognized as a couple and get the same benefits and treatment as a if they were a man and woman with a piece of paper?
do you think that your kids will turn gay? i mean, you know they were raised by hetero's, right?
do you really believe God isn't bigger than this? 
that something as small as giving people equal rights will effect you religion? your relationship with your God?

seriously, why are you so scared?


IC this friday!

Invisible Children (IC)
To learn what IC is all about go

the run down:
IC is trying to bring attention to the horrific situation in South Africa. Children are being kidnapped and then killed or forced into the LRA (Lords Resistant Army) where they are taught to kill or be killed. The LRA is ran by a man named Joseph Kony. He claims that he is a god and is responsible for displacing and/or killing over 100,00 people and starting this genocide.
Invisible Children is going to make a big noise on Saturday once again to get peoples attention on what is being ignored by most. But they need all of us to make it even louder than ever before.
This Friday night there is going to be a prep rally in private park corona to explain in better detail the facts and play a video made by IC of whats going on, what people are doing to stop it, and what progress we've made so far. They are going for a drive-in movie feel so there will be snacks, popcorn, drinks and to get into the summer time feel they are going to be showing the sandlot afterward. Everyone is welcomed and invited.
Then on Saturday at 3pm about 2,000 people are going to go to the OC fair grounds to "kidnap" themselves and stay there until the media comes to "rescue" them. To register and/or to get a lot more detailed info click here.
They are doing this globally but the OC is the closest to me so that's the site i will be at. find the site nearest you and be a part it. See you on Friday night!

Oh, and bring any pair of shoes you don't want/wear/need anymore and the people at A Year Without Shoes will be there to donate them to those who do.


be blessed







We came. We ate. We laughed. We left.

Glad you were born Mark.


easter 09

curious june and petrified wyatt(sara's dog)
<span class=

mike heard about free food and decided to swing by from philly
<span class=

chris was really excited about this.
<span class=

ham, vegan lasagna, beef ribs, deviled eggs, fruit salad, potato salad, vegan cookies, strawberry cake, cupcakes and other tasty treats
<span class=

he was stuffed.
<span class=

pre baptism
<span class=

<span class=

post baptism
<span class=

<span class=

who says youre too old for easter egg hunts?
<span class=

gayson trying to hold em back
<span class=

<span class=

they trampled him
<span class=

chris going for the cheap shot
<span class=

and now saving gayson from the pool drain
<span class=

<span class=

they were hidden in plain sight.
<span class=

didnt really expect people to want to play
<span class=

but when you tell them there is money involved... insanity
<span class=

not a winner
<span class=

thank you, try again
<span class=

oh, did we forget to mention...
<span class=

we hid june-turds in 3 of the eggs
<span class=

debi got 2 out of 3 of them. she threw it at me the second time.
<span class=

checks are as good as cash...
<span class=

...just ask grandma.
<span class=

<span class=

<span class=

<span class=

<span class=

<span class=

<span class=

<span class=

tommie was having just a fun time...
<span class=

he started crapping pink frosting
<span class=

no, june! no!
<span class=

probably my favorite easter so far.
ya... definitely.

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