im moving... again!

yep. that's right. its a long dramatic story so ill make this short:
  • Richard didn't actually own the house. his dad does.
  • dad lives in Ireland.
  • when Richard broke the news to his dad that hes moving to WA to get back with his ex wife dad got mad.
  • then dad found out that Richard was renting out the room.
  • Dick (this is when his name changes from Richard to the abbreviated form of his name) wasn't allowed to.
  • i get a not-so-nice phone call from Ireland.
  • Dick moves out the next day.
  • i need to be out by January 15th.

this all happen within 2 hours, which was 4 hours before Sleeping Giants last show this tour, which was geoffs first day home. welcome home, honey-- im a stress case-- so glad you're back.

oh, but Dick said he'd be so gracious to write me a reference letter for my next place. thank you Mr helpful.

so ya, i think i may move into my brothers house for a month or two. just until i find out if mine and Geoff's offer on a house gets accepted. if it doesn't then ill be getting an apt which means i will need to find June a new home.
in a perfect world, my dream world:
  1. God gives us this house
  2. we have a short easy escrow
  3. i get to keep June
  4. all by march.

we're praying for extra favor from God.
honestly, i don't know what He's doing but i think this all must be to get me away from my "things" and out of any comfort zone that i once had and what i considered "home" to me. because for months now i haven't really had a home base. and each time i move i bring less and less with me. some goes to storage, some to sell and some just trashed. and moving into my little brothers house and staying in their spare bedroom will be the ultimate humbling experience. but this time i will literally be bringing nothing with me since its already furnished.
that means no more baking supplies, no sewing, less crafts, no style school projects that i paid in advanced and was looking forward to(!), no video editing, just less of the me that i was starting to really like in my life.
besides my car for my transportation i will be totally relying on others for the next few months.
i don't like that.

i know this is supposed to be a blog without complaints so i apologize for being such a negative nancy lately. i know it could be worse and im seriously grateful so much. when im in my room and driving i often think of all the things im grateful for that Gods given me. mainly its my mind being blown by how much He actually loves me the same today as he did when im a crappy person and that i have such beautiful wondering supportive friends.

sorry again this is all long winded and for breaking my own "no complaints" rule.

back to the regular program tomorrow.

oh, and something i found funny.... before leaving for tour for a month Geoff said, "i dont care if you move again because i wont be here to help you this time (evil cackle)!" welp buddy, guess what situation you just came home to! haha! sigh.... nothing makes or break a relationship like moving 3x in three months.


Natalie. said...

it's ok candy. ill help you move again too. we dominated the uhaul truck last time! USA!

candice valdespino said...

im going to rent another one again i think too. and then i will buy you dinner again at Lucille's!
just making traditions!


Es said...

Look how much has already changed since only 3 days ago! I think you're going to be okay ;) and FYI you're okay to complain to me whenever you want <3

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