what now

seriously, when did everything start falling apart?

i had 3 main goals this year:
-get into film school
-buy a house
-get married

and how is this year ending?

in a job i loathe, have a zero point zero percent relationship with my father, no school, not married (but luckily still in a very awesome relationship), didnt get a house, in fact i had to move out of my comfy home i was renting, i feel homeless because i dont even feel comfortable where im at right now and im in danger of losing my dog and moving out the same week i moved into my new place. sure, things can always be worse. im thankful for the good things i have and through all this ive seen how wonderful my friends are. but what else is going to go wrong?

i thought things are supposed to progress upwards the older you get. especially if this is our prime.

fuck i hate so much right now and that makes me feel even worse.

all i want to do is go home and check out, but i dont have one.

if you are wondering about the story with june and the other dog ill post about it tonight so i dont have to retell the long complicated story over and over. not that you are annoying me, its just sad.

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