Unicorns in the rearview

Meet sara's neighbors


Happy birthday Brenda

25 years ago one of my bestest friend was born <3


skate night

to celebrate my 25th birthday we went roller skating. and since dave's california skate closed down we ventured out to this little rink in orange. man, how things have changed since i was a 12. there were so many hood rat little kids doing disgusting things with each other. but i digress...
my friends are awesome and were all good sports and came out dressed in 70's attire. such good times...
skate date
skate date
they look like they should be on that wall of skating teams
skate date
jolene opted for the hippies of 1970
skate date
april is amazing.
skate date
that would be me photo-bombing, brenda mid word (you guess what shes about to say), and jon & april waiting to catch a treat in their mouths...
skate date
meg & cami
skate date
mark teaching brenda how to skate
skate date
skate date
skate date
the only photographic evidence that i can actually skate...
skate date
my favorite twins
skate date
always love me some kelsey!
skate date
and just like everything else, geoff is better at skating than everyone else (even though this picture makes him look like a tard)
skate date
skate date
put lucas pool side with a speedo and he would look like someones cabana boy with this stache...
skate date
photographic proof that florida really does have a girlfriend. and not is she a real live girl... but she is really pretty
skate date


Little Lebowski Urban Achievers

Guess who's who:






eye candy.

one day i would like to open my own confectionery/coffee & tea/ice cream shoppe.
and i want it to look something a little like this:

a girl can dream


sights + sounds

sir, the field is over there.

o-oh.... oh this is awkward.

who would want to watch the real thing when you can play it on your phone?

Villad-y hit a homer

bryan humping tones' head with joy about it

and stadium wasnt ready to let go. had to break my zipper off so i could go home.

natorii: your man didnt play well that night. i think its because he knew you werent there.

Nerd alert!

just playing ...kinda.

so lately my friends have been getting really into RPG's. if you arent into them or are a girl then you ve probably got no idea what im talking about.

Role Playing Games.

i spied on a game of D&D (dungeons and dragons). this is what i saw:

this is natalie's character:

i remember trying to play D&D with the boys at the YMCA when i was little but it was a no girls allowed situation.



oh how i have big plans for this.

labor of love

cell phone dump of pictures from last weekend:

florida and kristina saving the day at Gods kitchen...
FL in God's Kitchen<span class=

then after that got my car washed at a fund raiser.
these guys were no joke. 6 people per car!
toaster wash

then drove out to linkfest. picked up a couple hitch hiking metal heads on the way. there was ZERO cell service so while i was hiking the sketch trails to the stages i thought i was arriving an hour and a half early. False. all of a sudden i hear thommy singing and guitars a blasting.
<span class=<span class=
got to see winds of plague and as i lay dying play. also saw tony from no doubt there.

finally got to eat at taco loco. delish late night snack but kinda on the pricey side for just mexican food.

worked a gorgeous reception on sunday at the huntington hyatt. i love working at the big hotels. the staff there is always so nice and super helpful. makes our job easier. this couple was really sweet and amanda transformed that ball room into a warm, intimate and love cave filled with custom gobo's, swanky vase' and TONS of white flowers.
First dance

got home around 3am to this:
passed out.

then woke up really late for this:
zombie brides
Sleeping Giant's music video!
isnt jolene just the cutest zombie youve ever seen? haha cant do scary when youre that pretty

running around redlands in face paint in the blazing sun all day? why not!
it was a lot of fun and SOOOOOO many people came out later in the day for this one scene where we are just a mass of zombies running. T from White Collar Side Show was directing it and making it all. i saw some of the stuff they got of the guys the day before and its going to look creepsville. cant. freaking. wait. mama dawn says she thinks they are going to have a release party on halloween!

so ya, no rest this weekend. but i loved it allllll

be blessed!


Chores board

He's here as much as we are. Why not put him to work:


quick weekend recap

space mtn
he bit me.

-CONGRATS to Lil' Ryan and Joanna! they got engaged on sunday! so freaking excitedhappystoked for them! and Joanna asked me to be a bridesmaid!

-Disneyland on a week night is the best. no long lines!

-im 25. dude, when did i get so old?

-my bday weekend was perfect. lots of relaxing, fun and love. thank you everyone who wished me a good one and hung out. loved it. pictures of the skate night will be up soon, i think. B's working on it.

-just when i thought, "wow, this august weather aint so bad..." BOOM. 100+ degrees.
can i fast forward to november? i want cooler days and cold nights. hoodies and scarves. baking nights and thanksgiving dinner. over this blazing summer. and im waaaay over sweating.

-i have 11 twisted vertebrae and pinched nerves. xrays confirmed this. the chiropractor said i am either used to the pain ive been having or just have a really high pain tolerance. when she realigned me i had never heard my body CRACK so loud!

-i need to make some investments so i can have my own business one day soon. i want to open a confectionery/coffee & tea & brewery shop that will cater to all different diets and have open mic nights and things like that. do-able.
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