Birthday week begins!

So i thought my love for John Mayer was more than most of his fans (i mean the guy has got his own label on this very blog!) but after going to his concert on Tuesday night in Irvine, clearly i love him as must as the next white girl.

Way back in the day, when Geoff and i were just friends, he admitted to me that he was into John Mayer just as much as i did and i about keeled over in joy. Finally someone who i can listen to his music to and not have to defend myself! We just get each other. John and i, that is.
 I love his music so much. Not only is he an amazing musician and can make shredding the guitar look as easy as blinking but i genuinely love his lyrics. And i think hes really funny and witty.

When i heard tickets went on sale i pulled the birthday card and other incentives on Geoff to get us pit tickets and backstage passes. I figured if i aimed high it might hit somewhere not too far off. well it worked! he got us great tickets! not near the pit but they were so good! John was about the size of my pinky finger.
Maybe its because its been like 5 years since ive been to a huge production concert and not just a show but this place was prime for people watching. People with cheese plates and wine in the parking lot, drunk old ladies, lots of young girls drunk and over dressed hiking up to the grass in heels, lots of muscle tee (GTL) dudes on the prowl alone for said drunk ladies at the show were the creepiest. We sat in front of what im sure was a sorority of now old ladies who were so wasted they kept calling the organ a orca and sang howled EVERY EFFIN SONG. The smell of weed and fried foods was everywhere. John was in some tight plaid pants and made sure in wiggle in them and give the front row their money's worth. Oh, and tons of guitar solo faces! haha love it! all in all, this concert just showed us how talented he and his amazing band are as musicians. 

Sights & Sounds:
I was going to post a bunch of videos i took on here (yesss, i was that girl) but i figured you could just YouTube him and see them so ill show you this one i took:
drunk chick a few rows in front of us giving her date a lap dance in front of all of us


walking into the stadium:
geoff: im going to be the only dude here with tattoos.
me: theres a guy with a sleeve and a v-neck on...
geoff: hes gay. doesn't count.
me: John Mayer has a full sleeve.
geoff: F*** John Mayer.

waiting for John to start:
me: oh look G Love is going to be playing here. i like him.
geoff: i'll give you some g love. some g-giant love. some g-geoff love. some crunchy lo-- oh wait, that doesn't start with a g...

awful attempt at trying to get a picture of us with my iPhone

J<3M about the size he was to us

John was so good. I had to hold in my swoon the whole time. I don't know what is it about those cold dead eyes and bad style but i cant help it. Don't judge me.

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