florida + kristina

on 5.27.10 geoff and i had the honor of helping florida out with his proposal. he stopped by my office and dropped of a container of rose pedals, a bag of baby candles, a digital camera and a video camera. the man was well prepared.
i couldnt be happier for them and fully support this marriage! florida is one of the greatest friends geoff and i have ever had and for him to find someone with as big of heart as him is so amazing and heaven sent. and ive never seen him happier, soft, lovey and considerate with anyone like he is with kristina. i love kristina and florida a lot!

heres a quick video of what i was able to catch on camera. the editing is rough but thats what you get with imovie. hope you can still feel the love.

p.s- id post the video from my youtube but i guess the song isnt WMP approved or something so there is no audio if you play it with them. lame.


name changes

Dumb me. I didn't realize that when we were getting our marriage license in march that THAT was my final name change on that particular document. For some reason i thought that was when you picked it up. idk why... just going to blame it on the wedding brain.
Ideally, i wanted to have my maiden name as a second middle name or hyphened and have the longest name of anyone i know with: Candice Marie Valdespino-Brouillette
I wanted to have what i call a 3-liner.
on Geoffs drivers license his full name is so long that it takes up 2 lines. Even with my old name is was just one. but with this improvement i would for sure beat him.
Negative on that plan now.
I got my social security card in the mail and will be going for my DL in a few weeks. Takes forever to get an appt these days. I'll also be getting a new picture taken for it which would be cool. its the same one from when i was 15. not like much as changes since then though.
Seeing my name like this kinda makes me sad. its so final. well maybe not sad, more nostalgic? idk.
still trying to master my name signature though.

and a quick vid of June:

i know, i know. im totally the pet parent of the year....

i go straight to the source and she actually loves it

cool things happening this week:
  • my little brother is getting married on sunday to his high school sweetheart! im so excited to them!
  • because of this i get to see my baby brother and sister AGAIN this year! 
  • just bought my ticket to visit them this summer (surprise!)
  • and one of life's biggest question's will be answered tonight. in redlands. at market night. thats all im sayin' for now...


Hubs does hair

If only he knew how to give a trim...
Baby steps, Candice. Baby steps...


dream house

so ever since we first started looking at houses we've been keeping a bunch of pictures in our secret "ssshhhhh" folder of what our dream place would come to be. while our current new-to-us house maybe not be our dream home that we will live happily ever after in, its a great investment home and plan to stay 5-7 years at least. and being the restless creative minds that we are we have some plans to make our house into our home.
i dont really know what my taste in home style is. i like clean, modern, hodgepodge, kitschy, vintage, gray, woods and brightly colored solid and patterned things ...you know? haha
i didnt get all the photo credits but the majority of them are probably from design sponge.

 i love a bright colored door
and a bathtub with feet!

water cooler convos with my mom

mom: i had to drop Jack off at the doggy day care this morning... (starts giggling)
me: whats funny about that?
mom: i said 'jack-off'. doesnt that mean something bad? (still giggling)
me: wow, its too early for this...
mom: i felt so weird telling them, 'im here to drop jack off!' hahah!

clearly, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.


"DOYERS!" (dodgers)

joanna and i surprised the guys with tickets to a dodgers game. 
geoffs a major fan and hates the angels so i figured i owed him one.
left field bleacher seats with no one sitting in front of us
apparently we were sitting in a rowdy section. there are 6 security standing in the picture and by the 7th inning everyone around us had been kicked out. people really hated Lee the left fielder from the Astros and they really loved their beer. 
the Bermuda's (ryan's "DOYERS" = dodgers en espaƱol)
a skinny, foot long, dodger dog. very anti climatic.
the Brouillette's
joanna: "meow!"
all in all, dodgers games are WAY different than angels games:
  • people: not many blondes. lots of cussing. not really a family friendly event but you if you were a dodger fan you were part of a family.hence all the dodgers "my town" ads. everyone there was screaming/booing.
  • stadium: not as clean, bench seating in our section was painful, easier to find your seat though but couldnt see if we were on the megatron (you know youre always looking for yourself on there too...), and dealing with LA traffic and parking was a bitch. 
  • team: dodgers are way more entertaining to watch! hands down. homer in the first. a lot more runs, hits, and the players were actually engaging with the crowd more than the angels.and they have G.A.! he was my favorite angel player but he stunk last night.
if only the doyers were closer!


Almost a home

Geoffs finally home.
He came home with a really long beard to his wife, dog and now his own
piece of California.
Sunday was their last show of this tour. Next one begins in mid June.
On Monday I took the day off work to relax but it was anything but.
The day was filled with riverside courthouse, social security office,
lowes, home depot, walmart and the 99cent store. By the time we got
home we wanted to go back to bed but our front yard was so
embarrassing and geoff was really excited to use his new lawn mower
and weed wacker. I baked some "thank you" cookies for our neighbors
who helped me out with the trash and mowing the lawn when geoff was
gone. They are so sweet.
And June hasn't left geoffs side since he's been home. She couldn't
seriously careless that I'm there. Don't bite the hand that feeds you,


Thift store

For a perfectly good globe and a belt for $5.
Lots of home furnishings for cheap + big empty house = This could be
Hopefully in 10 years you don't see me on horders.


day 4/5/end

So by day 4... I had lost 3lbs of water weight and I had zero energy. I was having two "movements" a day and was barely sleeping.

Come day 5 and I could barely function. I barely made it to my doctor appt that day and had to pull over to a walgreens to use the bathroom. I was in there for 20 mins. 20 minutes of pure stomach pain and my legs falling asleep from sitting on the toilet for so long. And while I was peeing from my butt and calling my mom to pick me up because i was too sick to drive, i realized this is in no way healthy for me and I was ending it that day.

I felt like I broke edge.

How do anerexic people do this? How do you get your brain and body to that point where you can find comfort or power and control fighting a natural urge?

I can detox my body in a much more healthy manner. So now I am. But first, my first meal was with the ladies to lucille's. Florida's Kristina was working that night and she hooked us up with free dessert. But since i had gone so long without a full meal I couldn't finish my first meal because my guts shrank so much.

This may work for some people but I need food to function. And I love to eat too much.

Now I'm eating raw veggies and fruits and as little meats as I can and tea and water only. Pretty much only natural and whole foods. That's healthy I can handle.

Oak Glen

First time up in oak glen and I LOVED IT.
The smell of 5lb apple pasteries and the beautiful scenery.
I'd retire there.


day 2/3

so day 2 went a lot smoother than the first day. cravings weren't too bad and i only ate an orange and a few pieces of asparagus. just kept myself occupied and i was golden!
i ended up scoring a really cool vintage sewing desk off craigslist 
i put it in my little hobby room and i cant wait to clean it up and use it! theres all these little drawers and hidden cubbyholes with nails to hold everything. i love organization.

i did a lot of cleaning that night from the surprise party we had for april on sunday at the house. she was totally surprised and there was lots of food and good times. there was still a lot of candy (temptation) around the house still and i had a weak moment... i had done so good all day and what would one little reese's peanut butter cup hurt, i mean its just one and i wouldnt eat the whole thing just half. so i unwrap its goodness only to take a little half nibble out of it but then this wave of guilt came over me and i couldnt do it. i couldnt nibble it. so i licked it. yep, i went there. i licked it. then i wrapped it back up and tossed it in the trash. june gave me this look like, PASS IT DOWN!
productive night, no?

day 3 was rough. i started off feeling so hungry i was feeling sick. and by 4 i was STARVING. joanna and i were meeting up in rancho to pick up a gift we got the boys and while we were down there we went to this vegan restaurant. i caved. vegan is healthy, right?! sooo delicious. my belly was so full by the end i could tell my guts have started to shrink.
afterward i met up with natalie and brie at generate. ive never been a fan of that service for a few reasons but i wanted to go and hang out with nat and brie so i went. it was really beautiful. people choosing to be baptized and everyone was getting lost in worship. even little natorii went and got baptized! we didnt know till she came back to her seat and was soaking wet! haha it was a really beautiful night. to celebrate they got pizza. ya, pretty much my weakness. thats what messed me up on day one! but since it was a celebratory pizza i couldnt say no to a slice. or two. :\ im back on the saddle today and so far im going stong. but, its only 11 am.

heres a video of the pinata from sundays bday party. it had to be reinforced with tape and strung from 3 different ropes so the guys couldnt demolish it in one swing. this aint your average pinata party! and forgive my weedy backyard.


the cleanse: day 1

without getting into too much detail, ive been having a lot of stomach (upper and lower) issues lately and after talking to a few of friends who've done cleanses, ive decided to do one myself. plus i could use a quick fix to lose the few pounds that just dont seem to fall off and geoff comes home in 2 weeks (heck yessssss!).

the master cleanse.

day one is supposed to be to wane yourself off food. so 6-12 servings of the lemonade/syrup/pepper juice and organic fruits. so i made myself a big ass pitcher of the special lemonade last night and brought a jug to work. the cayenne pepper killed me! and i ate an orange for lunch and had a bunch of water throughout the day.  i ended up throwing up in my moms car by 5pm. for serious. hi, im 12 and still getting car sick and ralphing in my moms car.
and since im being honest i must admit that i gave in and had a piece of pizza for dinner. i felt really guilty. and since we're being honest here i must admit that i had two pieces. oops!

so tomorrow im fully ready to tackle the hungers.
pre-made special lemonade (w/o the pepper), an orange, cucumber, and some zero water in case my electrolytes get low and i get the shakes. and instead of using grade B syrup im using Agave Nectar since its so low on the glycemic index. then to finish the night off with a sea salt flush. awesooome.

hopefully day 2 goes smoother and with less ralphing. my toughest times of the day are in the morning, after work, and forth meal time.
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