ive managed to just about plan our entire wedding in one month. so many thank you and gratitude to Amanda. she is so amazing in general but she has helped me out so so so SOOOO much with planning this. Ladies, if youre planning a wedding talk to Amanda. She and her entire staff (including me now!) are so sweet and creative. Love them!
sent out all the invites yesterday. we arent having a huge wedding so if you didnt get one, im really sorry. we really did want everyone to be able to come but we just cant.

the boys playing a benefit show for haiti

eating vegan donuts in parking lots

finally hanging out with friends from corona.
its been an insane past couple of weeks and now that i live a good 30mins away it makes it harder to hang out all the time.

Ryan & Joanna got married last friday! It was such a beautiful ceremony and we all had so much fun at the wedding. No pictures from me but you can see a few of them on Mike's Blog. They look so good and i cant wait to see the rest!

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