Meet Rory

My finger must have hit a wrong button...
Since she's discovered my phone takes video clips its all she's wanted
to do.

-having a food baby
-wearing stretchy pants
-eating cookie dough ice
-brett is pulling rory around on a sleeping bag around like a sled
-hearts smiling
-its 34 degrees outside and expecting to snow tonight
-kelley and dad are watching football games and recovering from out
amazing feast with all my beautiful extended step family out here
-thank You God for this short visit



John Wayne

I wish I were still a kid.


our fridge makes us look healthier

i never realized how much you can tell a person by whats in their kitchen cabinets.

guess who's: Jolene, Brenda, Heath, or myself
(you can always click the pics to enlarge them for better lurking)





winners get a prize!


just like the movie only sans vince.

here's some pictures from the dodgeball tournament:

idk how many teams there were but there was a lot of people signed up and some that just came out to watch.

es likes to move it-move it

all the teams arrived in some kind of team uniform. the TLD dudes, naturally, had the nicest uniforms.

but, of course, gayson stole the show.

there were lots of people there that i had never seen and some i hadnt seen in a long time.
Es and Moe had all the rules laid out to everyone before hand. its was way organized and there were i think 4 refs this year so bad calls wouldnt be made like the year before.
ya, we get that into it.

neither geoff nor myself lost to the chipotle bet since he was too afraid to throw the ball at me. i had this pretty amazing catch earlier that made him think twice. and im smarter than to throw a ball at him haha.

last year we took third. this year we took 2nd. next year its ours!



If you saw "Role Models" you'll get it.
It was painted on someone's car at rcc

mmm pencil 'stache

so about 3 weeks ago i decided to change my hair color to this really cool red i saw in a magazine.
4.5 hrs and 2 bleaching jobs and dying over that twice i ended up with this color:
not what i saw in the mag but it would do.
it was way more brassy and not so violet as what the picture shows.
it was all fried and holding on for dear life. luckily my hair has a friend who works in a salon who sells swanky hair products and it has started to recovery (thank you, electric snap).
and since i have the attention span of about a month with hair colors it was just a matter of time:
im back in black.

ya, news worthy post, i know.

in other news:
-cant wait for next wednesday! im going to longmont, co to visit my pops and family out there. im so excited i could start packing already. it will be a very short trip but at this point i'd take a few hours just to hang out with my lil brother and sister. they are 8 and 6 years old.

-cant wait to finish this semester! its been a long long fall term. its made me loathe my tuesdays and thursdays. its a 15 hour day before i get back home.

-i started applying for chapman. that application is intense.

-i want to have an exploration weekend. where a group of us in the car and go somewhere far with the expectation of an adventure.

-dodge ball tournament tomorrow night. every year they just get crazier and crazier with uniforms, team names, banners, bets, trophies, and if geoffrey is playing, outburst of foul language can be expected. guaranteed good time.
ive got the same team from last year. the beauties and the beast = Jason, Sara, Florida, and myself. here we are taking third(out of about 18 teams) because we are awesome.


Fire + Earthquakes. welcome home.

so i woke up on saturday to get some burger basket but found out there was a fire on some hill close to corona.
didn't worry though since nothing ever happens to us in corona.
then i heard cammi had to evacuate her house so i thought i should turn on the news.
quickly found out this fire was pretty big and heading toward my cousin jennifers house. i asked if they were okay and she sent me this:
that's my cousin justin, jenns younger brother, in their back yard.
holy frick. stay awake from the flames, boy!

their house was spared.
cammi's house was too but 12 homes on her street weren't.

in other natural disaster news:
(just playing)
Introducing the future Mrs & Mr Jagger!

my roomie and grayson(who is kinda like our 5th roomie) got engaged on saturday.
im so happy for them!
seriously, puzzle pieces.
save the date: april 5th 2009.

love was even in the food that night when we celebrated. my heart shaped chicken.

then there was the Jason y Jason Fest/Benefit/Party sunday night

Man #1 of the night

Man #2 of the night
jason semple couldn't make it out since he's in recovery. but we still managed to raise a bunch of money to help him out in his hospital bills.

close enough

yo' giving effigy semple some love

dance contest
push up contest
bike balancing contest
the office and forest gump trivia
and then...

the moon walk contest

sorry its so dark, my camera phone has no flash. just lighten up your screens.
i pretty much won a whole new wardrobe from the raffle. bought a jason reyes charity tee and tote. and i even won a pair of toms!


My friends are amazing

I think florida is getting a guitar for christmas



i could get used to this

full tank? really? i'll take it!

also, my dear friend Lisa, who is quite the philanthropist, is trying to shoe little ones as well. so head on over to her blog and she'll tell you what its about ---> click here


i wanna rock n roll allll night...


its a fund raiser for a couple of friends named Jason i have:
one needs help paying off medical bills from life saving surgery
and the other needs help getting to Argentina to help shoe little kids.

please come and hang out and give a little. it all adds up.
there is going to be:
some sweet raffles
bbq-ing going on
and really really ridiculously good looking people.

come out and hang out and help a couple of sweet dudes.

you might even meet your future spouse(hey, it works for Generate)!


if you cant make it out please pray for jason semple. that he will recover fast and be better than before. and for good weather too. its all outdoors. so no pointy shoes, ladies.


Saturday saturday

Things that make me go "ew":
Drinking behind that truck and horses. No thanks.

Just got owned by a (attempted) 12 mile bike ride.
And nothing completes a bike ride like trivia giveaways and stamina
competitions. And a taco bell/pizza hut run...mmmm

Don't wake me, I plan on sleeping in.




so my cousin danny came to work today so stoked on his new briefcase that just came in the mail (his matching pimp suit is arriving tomorrow).
here he is flashing his racing numbers from is MX/SX days.

going to visit Chapman university tomorrow.
i always get a nice mix of nerves and excitement going there. im just praying i can hear God clearly on what to do.
i think im going to apply for next fall. rcc is sucking all the motivation right out of me so i figure i can just take what little general ed i have left there and start working on my film degree.

DAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! <----that is me getting giddy about making movies


1 Timothy 2:1-2

so i have kept my opinions about this election to myself (blog wise). i figure its all be said and heard before and someone else always manages to say it better than me. but i would now like to share some of my most favorite things i have read. they have all moved me or made me say "hell yeah!"
and im not gonna lie, im relieved Obama is our next president. but lets be realistic here, we already knew whoever was going to be next in the white house is going to have a long hard road to take to put this place in the green again.
enjoy: (click the links)

what debi said
what mike said
what sean said
something else mike said
what chris tweeted
this is something both natalie and los posted:

Why put our hope in mere men?

Jesus is the only hope. Pictures, Images and Photos

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other....
Matthew 6:24

WE can be used to bring change
WE can be used to make a difference
WE can be used to bring hope
WE can be used to bring the kingdom of heaven on earth

vote for equal rights, fair trade, pro life, pro choice, for tolerance, for peace, for patience, for kindness, for long suffering, for love of your enemy, not on nov.4th, but EVERYDAY.

LIVING through your convictions or beliefs will go beyond any vote
thats the change we need

what the bible says:
"I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone- for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness." 1 Timothy 2:1-2


What can wash away my sins

What can make me whole again

The corn row beard made an appearance

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