and so its begun. this will put a damper on weekly saturday beach trips and random outings to far off places for this cheap chick.
carpool anyone?

Happy Birthday Jason

it was what would have been my cousin jason's 24th birthday. we gather at the cemetery every year and let go of balloons with a note tried to the end of it. its pretty cool and a positive way of remembering him. on the back of the notes my aunt stamped their address on them that way if people find them they can mail them back. they have gotten a few back before.


my heart smiles


coming back, back, to cali, cali

so this week is going to be yet another busy week but it will be more fun filled than busy. everyone is coming back to town at the same time it seems. geoffs back from tour, gabe is in town for chris and es' wedding, and my dad, step mom, and little bro and sis are visiting (this is by far my highlight to the week. sorry to everyone else) from Colorado till Tuesday. I'm sure there will be a few times where i wish i could be I'm multiple places at once.
we got chris and es' wedding tomorrow! hopefully the weather will cooperate.
where the heck did the heat go?
Saturday i am going to be hanging out with my dad & co. all day longggg. this also will include a Valdespino BBQ at my uncles freddy's house. that should be entertaining. i haven't seen them in over a year so to say I'm stoked would be an understatement.
Brett is a 7 year old genius. he is testing at a 7th grade level. we have no clue as to where he got the brains from but we(my dad & i) are hoping he'll want to be an astronaut. he is a wild child who can operate anything electronic better than my dad already. he always steals my dads cell phone and sends me video and picture messages of him rockin out with my dad on their way home from school.
Rory is a 5 (almost 6, july) year old princess. this little girl is everything my dad feared of having. i of course feed into this and buy her lots of princess dresses to play in and give her fake jewelry. a total girly-girl + adorable = trouble when she gets old enough to date and my dad will be 60. a 60 year old man is not intimidating to a 16 year old boy taking out his baby girl. poor dad.
i think as soon as i see them i am just going to run up and hug them so tight and not let go for a few minutes. im sure ill cry too.
oh no, i have gotten vulnerable. i am now tearing up big time at my desk just thinking of being around them. its amazing i never would have thought two little kids would have such an impact on me or that i could love them so much. it wasn't too hard for me that my dad was moving away, but knowing i cant just drive over to huntington and see the kids whenever i wanted was heart wrenching to say the least.
just thinking of hanging out with them makes my heart smile.
God knows how much i have missed those kids.



So last night we had a bbq for grayson, heather's beau. he has left us all for europe for two months. jealous? who me? YES. its been so hot this bbq/pool party was great. everyone was swimming and hanging out and playing games. so much fun. heather asked all the guys to come in short shorts and cut off shirts and they all did. hilarious.

bring on the pool parties
bring on the bbqs
bring on the speedos!

gayson for your enjoyment


Last weekend II

FL marking Jolene's fruit as his property

Indiana Jones movie marathon with my spiffy Indy spoon i got out of my box mini wheats.

Tommie and I at Sara's graduation party. CONGRATS Sara!!!!

Joy in a cup

Yogurtland. open till 12:30am every night. best part: self serve for $0.30 an ounce. how am i just now hearing about this place?


Last Weekend

...felt forever long for some reason. heres some pictures i took with my cell this weekend:
B and i getting ready for es' bachelorette party

roomie picture of us dog piling in brendas room. kinda has a f-r-i-e-n-d-s feel to it.

meet Big Daddy Boo Bear. he won amateur night on show time at the apollo. and yes, i watched the whole thing.

satellite guy who would stop what he was doing to watch the lakers game and scream at my tv. he took the entire game, no joke, to finish the job.

Happy Mothers Day Mom! yep, thats her new tv. i cant wait to house sit in july.


i made the list?

"appropriate" meaning married.
i came home to find this list on the wall.
i have a "thing" about my sheets.



watching an ellen degenerous stand up on dvd with my Roomies and a bowl of rocky road. i love this.

the slip up

this is the sight of the d-bag who writes parking tickets for rcc walking away from my truck.

this is the sight of $25 wasted.
i lost that old ticket i called my "insurance policy". welp, now i have a new one i guess.

other things:
not going to thailand anymore. pretty bummed over this one but.... ya.
imsoinlovewithGod. magnificent.
a friend filled house is thee best
rediscovering old music
i have a desire to go to disneyland
going out on friday for es' bachelorette party which = good times to be had
the summer has been on a delay this week


Happy Cinco De Stache

all things new

so last week was crazy!
packed half the week and moved everything into a house the last half. we're living in a house that i used to live in a few years back so its kinda cool that i am familiar with the place and the location and neighbors. luckily i really haven't had any old memories come creeping up or anything. who i am living with now and how everything is set up i think helped. but i seriously feel so blessed to be living there with my roomies. they are each so freaking amazing. i never posted anything last week so here are some things i took real quick from my cell:

greyson being the mr. helpful that he is in our office.

our kitchen

the reason people will want to hang out at our place

our friday night o' fun after the art show and thai food dinner. more pictures of this night to be posted soon. i hope.

saturday night's photo sesh involved my lip tat, sprinkles, and ice cream. more of these to be posted soon.

runnin the sound board at furnace sunday night was a great way to end the weekend.
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