Memorial Day

Here is some very rough footage from monday. it was my first time using imovie. that program sucks. i still love my pc more.

p.s. - my apologies for my constant off camera laughing. i just couldnt contain myself!


decisions pending...

chapman check up

i sent in my completed application on February 28th.
i heard back from them a couple times asking for me to resend my letter of recommendation and for my high school transcripts. people told me that them asking for my high school grades is a good thing, but if you knew my high school grades you'd know that its not haha. i wasn't a idiot or anything. just wasn't motivated. not like how i am now which is why the tone of my essays were: please ignore my younger years and see how much i have changed in the past two years...im an A/B student now all while working full time and going to school at night full time.
i just want to know already!

till then, im just sitting in this waiting room.
this whole summer is basically a waiting room for geoff and i. seeing where God takes the band, tour, work, money situations, school, a lot of big decisions this summer... just have to wait and see what God's planned. but im going to have fun till then

starting with memorial day! im so sunburned! just waiting for my mexican half to turn it into a tan because it feels like i am constantly receiving a indian burn all over my body. and i feel like weak sauce for being so sore after a game of softball and kickball. then the festivities continued at the shack with bbq-ing, swimming, karaoke, and games. some priceless video footage will be posted soon. (i finally figured out how to work my video camera with my comp but i really don't like using imovie) seriously, i have amazing friends. i love all of you that came over and hung out. made my day. i was so tired after that long day. up early for a crepe breakfast that jojo prepared for us and then june started ralphing all night :( lets recap everything she ate that weekend that wasnt from her dog bowl:
-3/4 of a cheese pizza from the night before
-pool water
-pool water
-raw hamburger meat
-pool water
-fruit bits
she seems to think the pool is her water bowl.

i know im no music critic but the new sleeping giant is so amazing! i cant stop listening to it. once i understood what he was saying, tommys lyrics are so moving haha. j/p. there's a lot more singing in this one which i love but it still has heavy breakdowns. the over all recording of the album is much better quality than the last one. and its over 45 mins long! cant wait for you guys to listen to the whole thing. beautiful worship. you can pre-order it now too. youll get the cd a few days sooner then the release date and a shirt.

California, you disappoint me. and to the Christians, where is Christ's love in all your discrimation? please show me.


Corre models womans clothing take 2

Forgot to add this one to the last post.

Bored at the recital

So corre tries on my clothes.

Oh, and if could record smells (google, get on that) you would be mad at

Off to chipotle now. Yay

Meet the fam

Welcome to norcow


What the random?

Found this at the bottom of the bag...

in-n-out and now forever21


bring your dog to work day

i came home last week to a note on my door saying the gas company has to change our gas meter out and that i needed to leave the side gate unlocked and tie my dog up. for june and my neighbors sake i wasn't about to chain her to the basketball pole again. its too hot outside now and she barks and cries if i do that. so i decided to declare friday Bring Your Dog to Work Day. one of the few perks to working for your family.

as you can tell... june had a rough day.

and then she discovered the fish tank:

she got so excited and she would chase the fishes from one side of the tank to the other, snapping her teeth at them trying to bite them through the glass. shes was so cute.

after work i decided to try out The Paw Spa, a do it yourself dog grooming place in corona. the place is legit with different sized bathtubs and all the things you would ever need to groom. the lady that runs it was really cool and helped me out a ton! see, june is what you would call "dog aggressive". she HATES other dogs and naturally, there were dogs everywhere in that place. she was lunging with her lips up, teeth out, aggressively barking at rots, dobermans, and poodles. it was so embarrassing. the lady even started yelling at june in german which worked for about 15 secs. then she was back losing her cool.
after that i decided to try and introduce her to my moms dog, Jack thru the fence in her back yard. that was a bust. i need the dog whisperer. even classes haven't helped her. she loves people though.

then, to top off the bad dog behavior, i baked a bunch of blueberry muffins for brenda and jojo to sell at their rummage sale on saturday morning. well, after i was done baking them i went up to the church to help them set up and since it was 11:30pm i didn't want to lock june out and have her bark and piss off the neighbors again so i left her in the house. when i came home there was 12 missing and the only ones left were the muffins i left in the cupcake pan.
no paper wrappers to be found.
not a crumb.
only four little june hairs on a cookie sheet.
it was totally my fault for leaving them on the counter where they are easily accessible to her if she stands on her back legs.
pictures are deceiving. shes a pretty large 80lbs and growing.

[end dog rant]

in other non boring to you news:
- i got a postcard from chapman saying that they have my full application and will NOW evaluate it. so i probably wont hear back from them till after the holiday weekend.
- been listening to the new SG album all day today. its so amazing. i cant wait till you hear it for yourselves. (no i wont burn you a copy)
- monday night bike ride tonight if your interested, hit me up


i think i see a tribute band in the making...

fav parts:
  • 0:51 - the gun show
  • 1:05 - here's jonny
  • the kid's enthusiastic stares into the camera
  • and a mustache only an 18yr old kid with a jew fro could grow.
basically, this is amazingness all wrapped up in 2:48.


since youre going to eat tomorrow anyways...

...why not go eat somewhere where its of triple benefit.
Jimmy's Diner (on the corner of main/ont in corona) is going to give 15-20% of your purchase to Catalyst to send 7 of their students to Thailand on a mission trip.
just mention catalyst and everybody wins.

if you cant make it to eat at Jimmy's Diner tomorrow know that we are having a rummage sale at south hills church on may 16th in the parking lot.
100% of everything donated and sold will go to the mission trip.
so, if you want to donate stuff/junk/crap in your closets, backyards or garages that you want to get rid of just let me know and brenda, jolene or myself will pick it up from you!
Brenda and Jolene need to come up with about $2,500 by may 18th.
so any donations would be extremely grateful or just come to the rummage sale and make another mans trash your treasure.


Vegan, Gluten-Free, 50% less sugar, Fair Trade Chocolate Chip Cookies

this is my attempt at guilt free chocolate chip cookies.

since many of my friends have special diets (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, fair trade foods) i wanted to accommodate my baking so that i don't aid in anyone stumbling. after about 5 mins of research i found that i just needed to replace a few ingredients. i made a quick stop to Henry's after work and picked up gluten free and vegan friendly substitutes:

  • gluten free flour
  • just like sugar - white sugar substitute
  • vanilla extract - gluten free
  • butter - vegan
  • eggs replacer
  • dairy and gluten free, fair trade chocolate (im not a fan of carob)
  • baking soda (trader joes)
  • Morton's salt
the only thing im not too sure that is vegan is the brown sugar i used. C&H. not sure how they filter it (most sugar co. use some type of bone char)

you can use your same cookie recipe but just do some homework on what type of sugar substitute you use. some types aren't best for baking and they can cook faster than the rest of the mix so you may need to watch the over more closely so that you don't burn your goodies. also some brands you don't use the same amount of sugar as the recipe calls for since most are hundred's of times sweeter than actual sugar.

don't be lazy. when mixing up dough start with a dry bowl and a wet bowl. it makes a difference.
now this is usually my favorite state of the cookie making process. the past couple of weeks my roomies could find me sitting on the couch eating dough while watching ellen or the dog whisperer. this dough though.... its still good to steal spoon fulls of but the consistency of it is different than the average. its kinda got this chewy grain thing to it.

375 degrees

and 11 mins later...

...you get these tasty treats

i gave geoffrey one w/o telling him that they were special and he said they tasted good. so then i told him that they were vegan, gluten-free, 50% less sugar, and fair trade and in a child like fashion he made a face as if i just tricked him into eating dog poo. but he cant deny his blind taste test reaction! brenda, jojo, and debi approved of them last night. when i gave my mom and uncle a cookie today, they approved. and when i told them what they were they started laughing at each other because they just found out they have to switch to a gluten-free diet.

so ya.... hope this wasn't too boring for you and that i might have helped anyone out there in baking land. and if something i used wasn't vegan friendly, please tell me. oh, and any suggestions!

i need a shorter name for them. brenda suggested "air cookies" since they aren't as bad sugar-wise to eat.

vegan, gluten-free, low sugar, fair trade chocolate chip cookie. the ultimate guilt free treat.


For brett

Oh june... she's so cute.

My 8 year old brother brett just discovered my blog. He thinks our
mustaches and buttcracks are funny.

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