i brought my camera out to this art show to but to honest i was so nervous to whip it out. i thought i would drop it, someone would steal it and just all around paranoid.
There was some great art there by so many talented people and they were able to raise so much money for the Sea Shepherds. Matt Costa played, Michelle Rodrigez DJ'ed and then walked around like a pirate dressed as a biker, went to spaghetti factory, we gazed at pieces and picked favorites, watch the drunk groupies try to get with the crew, hung out with friends and made some new ones. Captain Paul Watson spoke for a long time and drunk people cheered him on. I respect everything theyre doing and back them. People like to talk down on them and say they arent doing much and how unprofessional their crews are but theyre doing a hell of a lot more to protect animals and save the earth than you and i are doing and they are seeing results from their efforts.

Jason from ToDieFor playing the best of the 80's

Matt Costa

The Sea Shepherd Crew

mark eats like a shark. eyes closed.


and one of meow meow for good measure

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Natalie. said...

Great pics! But I may have a biased standing ;)

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