Things that are sexy....

this chick's shoes

and this little beauty, a bug bite i received at church.


Happy Birthday Jonny

he got a matchie wand too haha


Insurance policy

by placing an old ticket there it will psych them out.

i hope.


i for got to mention that yesterday i left my truck parked for ten minutes at RCC and when i came back to it this was on my window :\
$25 ticket for not having my parking permit
eff that.
i really wanted to go another whole semester without having to buy one OR getting a parking ticket. o well...
im just going to put this back on my window every time i park that way they will think someone already got me for the day.

its been awhile

last saturday one of my oldest and bestest friends, Rachelle, got married! so happy for her. She's preggers too and is going to find out the sex of the baby today. pretty excitin'.

later that night went to nickel-nickel for jonny's b-day. we all scored some tickets and got to buy the cheesetastic toys you would see at chuck-e-cheeses'. actually these were even a few steps down from that. i had fun and it was a lot more fun than sitting around a large table at some chain restaurant. can you guess who this is and whats hiding?

lately i've been hanging out at home after work/class/church/whatever and im kinda liking it more and more. although, i think some of my friends are getting a little restless... i leave them to their own devices of entertainment.

yes homo.

we move soon! i cant wait any longer. so over our ay-pee-tee. loud neighbors. rude people. broken gates. shallow walls. leaky faucets. bad tv reception. three flights of stairs. sketchy walks to the door. all of it. we are moving out next wed and thurs so if you could help a couple of damsels in distress and be our hero, let me know. you will be rewarded with a BBQ-pool party.

last night brenda and i watched this home video of us ringing in 2002. we were all 17 and idiots. its was so hilarious to watch. seriously. seeing how much we have changed is truly amazing haha. oh man. i have a video clip and its one of the rare parts that is rated G but i think brenda would kill me if she found it posted on here. plus we look like tards. it brought me back though to a lot of things i had forgotten. i was telling B that seeing certain things completely brought me back to the way something smelled and i how i felt. the way we were was ridiculous. example:
dancing. moulin rouge. smirnoff. boys. passat. dixie chicks. volcom girls. boys. napster, fish face. fake nails. boys. singing. highlighted hair. animal prints. st. lunatics. brittney spears. talking like a sailor. boys.

im glad i had those days. but im more glad those days are gone.


New Tattoo

I <3 [ice cream]

or is it I <3 [soulful commandoe]


seinfeld question

who got to decide where to put each one of the letters on the keyboard?

if anyone knows anything please inform me.

thank you.


Move outta thee wayyy

I've quite decided I'm fully going to get out of His way.

Lately i have been praying. A lot. Over everything you can imagine. I just so desperately want to be doing only His will.

That was always the plan, following God's will, but i really find myself actually asking and seeking Him out and wanting to know where i should be and what i should do. Consulting with Him.
I never really did that before. And now i have been really letting Him guide and lead me. I have confidence in that if He doesn't want me to do, go, and be, then He wont let it happen.

It's pretty liberating to be a servant of God.

Don't Play With Your Food

tony's din din


The New Diet Coke Model

There's Something About Corre


The Body Works Exhibit



eating my first french dip sandwich at phillipes which is the o.g. place to get them in l.a. we found brians old cell phone we buried in his truck and went thru all the old pics and texts. now we are in line outside the CA science center about to go and see body world. we were bored and started playing 20 ?'s and i proved my psychis skills.


Cats have it made

Found this little attention starved baby cat nappin on our bench outside our front door. when it woke up he (or she) would not stop meowing! i'll admit- it was kinda cute.
And No, i am not keeping the flea bitten kitten.
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