As if this day couldn't get any brighter....
I even bought a parking pass this semester. Still in the mail I guess.

candice:1, street:1, rabid animals: 1

after being cooped up in the house all afternoon scanning a million pictures i got a message saying be at berrysweet at 9. and i thought, "hey, why not ride my bike there? my foot isn't swoll' anymore and i haven't ridden since it got tuned up. lets do this."
not 30 seconds into the ride i turn a corner and on the sidewalk is something running along side me and Kingsley(my bike). i tried to out run it but it decided to run under my tire and i didnt stop fast enough. it got lodged in my fender and spokes and jam my wheel.
completely freaked out and repulsed to the hissing and screaming from the animal stuck hanging in my spokes by its neck and front arms i finally saw what it was...
a possum.
those nasty looking creatures are everywhere around here. funny thing is i never even run animals over with my car and with my freaking bike i do?!
so i reversed my wheel hesitantly to unjam the possum but it cant get out. its just wiggling hissing at me. i thought for sure this thing is just going to attack me once it gets free. but after what felt like a minute of watching this thing try and free itself, it got lose, thanked me for not chopping off its head with my tire, and ran off into the bushes.
whats next, seriously? i think im going to have to start wearing full armor when i go out riding from now on.

p.s.- happy first birthday blog! you've grown so much(t.w.s.s.).
enjoy the archives.


this morning

... i snapped this on my way into work. you can barely see it but its there.
rainbow over corona funformentals.
its hot and overcast in corona. make up your mind climate and quit teasing.
i want to start rocking hoodies.


Friday night boredom = ghost hunting at 1am

destination: El Cerrito/Corona Live Oak Inn
story: back in 1988, a young waitress named Michelle was strangled to death and left in the trunk of an old car behind the back patio of the inn. Rumor has it that Inn's earlier days, people were often hung from the twisted oak tree in front. If you look closely, you can see the tree growing around an old noose

our ghost hosts:


So the place looks pretty much at the bates level as far as motels go.
Jason the brave went to the door.
Jen had the flash light on stand by. as a weapon of course.
Natalie was not spooked until we saw the tree out front. with no branches! dun dun dun
And Geoffrey looked stoned, as usual.


Its getting hot in here...

Tommy getting Dan the Man's bday dinner party started

Sit boo-boo sit

good dog


resting in peace

last week the oldest man in the world turned 113.
today my grandma died at 67.

I'm really happy for her though. She's with our God. and i got to say goodbye to her last night.
I've never had a real "goodbye" before. where you say "goodbye" knowing full well that you are never going to see them again. I'm a lucky girl to have had a nanny like mine.
my great-grandma was there for her too. its crazy to me to think that my grandma's mom was there to comfort her.


some cute stuff

so yesterday my mom tells me that she and craig (her hubby) just bought a new pup. its called a blue heeler. they get it him in a few weeks.
meet future blue.
pretty stinkin cute.

last week one of my oldest friends rachelle had her first baby.
meet baby harley.
awwww.... he really is a cute baby.
not that old man looking kinda newborn.

natalie: i think i saw something on your porch
me: you were at my house?
nat: what?
me: you said you saw something on my porch, ya?
nat: cheeseburger?
me: i'm so kunfused
nat: k-u-n-fusion
me: what the random?
nat: there's a lemur in new york?
me: idk what they're giving you at art school but can i have some?
nat: torii hunter?
nat: meow meow?
nat: you haz mah bucket?
me: (holding in the lolz in class)

lately i have been stressed out a little bit. which is rare for me to be stress about anything really. anxiety attacks and just lame crap like that a lot lately. so coming home, to what was an already nice time hanging out with friends after my classes, i find a bag-o'-surprises waiting for me!
nerds, waynes world, sticky hands, goo that farts and then some. this is what nats cryptic code was about.
i have some amazing friends who have really been here for me lately and always. just by sending me an email during work asking hows everythings going, praying for me and my family, sending my mom thoughtful cards, making me laugh, and not getting mad at me when i spazz out on them. i love Love LOVE you guys

one thing that is going on is with my grandma. she has cancer for the second time and when they diagnosed it they said she had 6 months. that was over 3 years ago. but she stopped responding to her chemo and then caught pneumonia this month. last week they gave her a week left. and there were days where they thought she was going to go, but she is still here. she believes and loves Jesus so i know she is set. i just don't want her to go, you know. but i do not want her in any pain and this had been a slow painful process of her. luckily she is staying at home with hospice there 24/7 and she is comfortably at home with her dog and we don't have to hang out in a hospital. my grandpa is still living in that house too. he has the final stages of Alzheimer's. that's been an even longer process. getting old sucks.

Brenda's B-day Dinner part Deux

Started the night off with some SGC

meet Ono, "oh, yessss...."

me saving tones from the poisonous shrimps disgusted as a tasty appetizer


then after a 4 hour intermission filled with swollen stomach, fresh baked bday cookies, and the gladiator, we went cosmic bowling.
idk why she looks so scared. b murdered our lane.

old norconians getting their slow dance on in the bar.
question: why are the two different couples dancing so close?

SandStorm came on

his ball is the globe

getting his form down

he just won another chipotle burrito. left handed.

i think our combined scores might have broke 100

this IS their smiley faces



mid september? already!?

sometime between this.... (no joke, the current state of my desk at work)
and this... (hanging with my "nanny" aka gma before the cancer wins)...i shall update you on the craziness that is this last week.

thank you all who have kept my fam and myself in your prayer and thoughts.
i can feel them.
sooo much.



Do-do da do-do do-do. do.


And it don't stop



ain't that the truth

"Believers are never pictured in Scripture as mighty lions, independent and self-sufficient; rather, they are sheep who are dependent on their Shepherd for His provision and protection."

just thought i'd share something i read today.

And so it begins....

...Brenda's bday week DA! DA! DUN!

she is gettin' too old to blow out her own candles. es had to assist.

pass the pita and the garlic butter!



So matty and I have back to back tattoo appointments today so I hitched
a ride with him.
I've had some major time to kill.
I have been lurking around the shop and doing some homework in the car.

T-minus 30 mins till my turn





do you ever feel like your in one big giant waiting room? like your whole life is continually waiting on something else to happen to get where you want to go? you have to wait and see if your name is going to get called. but i'm talking about waiting for years and years. and while your waiting you have to do the most humdrum boring thing you despise the most at times. not being able to be with or do the things you love and long for the most. and everyday is another day you have to keep going moving to get closer to what you want with zero guarantee or promise you'll see all your hard work come to fruition. and every dream and quest you went for always seem to crumble in front of your very eyes. with only few promising words every couple of weeks to keep you in high spirits you get to wake up to this everyday knowing full well its going to be a long journey. the scary thing is is that you have full control (to an extent, it all really depends on what The Big Guy has got planned) on how this could all turn out. if it doesn't happen
its all on you.
your efforts weren't enough.

i get so discouraged some days.
i get so restless at times.
sometimes apathy sounds like the safest place to hide.

i dont mean to sound like a whiner. i know there are faaar worst situations to be in. and that i am blessed beyond comprehension. i just needed to vent. pray for the Haitians.


To hmmm or to mmmmm?

Strawberry Moon Pie. Should I?


Sunday Funday

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

only I have made it thus far.
and this beam isn't going down without at fight. nothing and no one
seems to crack it.


Break time

Many more rcc sunsets like this are in store for me for the next 16 weeks


feliz cumpleanos

so this last weekend was grand.
3 day weekend to celebrate the laborers and it was my birthday.

lets recap:
i woke up to find my car tagged with love and candy all over it (thank you jesse & b)

then i came home to a surprise in my room.
went something like this:
geoff: cover your eyes
me: (eyes covered) are you going to run me into the walls?
heather: (laughing at me)
geoff: haha maybe
(door opens and a wave of heat hits me)
me: why is it so hot in my room?!
heather: (laughing even harder from down the hall)

candle filled room, my fav, and a couple new sweet paintings. it was so freaking adorable. ok, ill stop gushing.

later that night we went to the angels game which at first was pretty boring.
first 5 innings no hits and no one on base.
but then it got super entertaining when this really intoxicated chick and her 3 friends took a seat in front of us. she was so incredibly loud, vulgar, and obnoxious that everyone around her was complaining to the ushers.
Here she is taking a rest in brenda's lap:

Brenda's reaction:

Drunk chick's sidekick boy-that-is-a-friend was also drunk and texting someone thee grosses text messages ever. geoff and i weren't trying to be nosy buttt.... he wasn't being very discreet and we got a kick out of reading them.

he signed off each text with: FUNTASSSSIII (fantasy)

all in all, it ended up being a great time. G. A. is the man, hitting a homer and Torii had a awesome catch

next night: toga party

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his strength comes from the chest hair

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florida ftw

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
little fricklet is going down!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
guy love

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
corre looks so happy

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
jolene fighting the troll under the bridge

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
tommie:1 us:0

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
tommie: 2 us:0

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
tommie: 3 us:0

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
tommie: 3 Us: 1... finally

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
whats that on your butt, brian?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

the beam has yet to break. though corre and i put a nice crack into it yesterday haha.

thank you to everyone who sent me bday wishes and hung out with me. i love you all. a lot.
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