everytime i put on a shirt im not capable of putting it on straight.



there is a man in that window in the distance and he is ALWAYS sitting there at his computer desk! i shall prove it.
time 4:30ish


the fortune cookie knows im a number person. and the 7th is this friday. hmmm...
i am a little stitious arent i?
or at least a freak for number patterns.

fat kids dream in here. $1000 worth of coupons from jack in the box to SGC.


Open mic night at its finest.


100 calorie pack vs. 320 normal bag?
who am kidding....there is substitute.


wakey wakey marky


all gone.


tommie using the ladies room
jeff deyo


hawk nelson


my wonderful cousin jen got it for me! she knows me. thoughtful gifts are thee best.

Day before Turkey Day ALWAYS SUCK!

daily recap of a sucky wednesday:
woke up tired from only getting 3hrs of sleep because i chose to spend time with someone so undeserving. then went to work for 2 pointless hrs. then went to Sharron's funeral. I got to revisit my cousins grave site which stirred up a lot of old emotions that i had suppressed. I managed to still keep them at bay. Went home took a nap. Had a youth convention meeting. Then went to nat's for a fun night of food, friends, and fun. Then i walked into something that reminded me why i was the way i used to be.
People seem to get the best of me these days. I am loyal to a fault. and people are just that.
They are wrong and opportunistic. And i-- i am the enabler. Its times like now that take me somewhere so.... I'm too embarrassed to admit. I am a fool. But i guess there's more room in a broken heart.
Nah. Thats just stupid talk.
When will I ever learn?


finally i get to eat my cream o wheat!!!
At this very moment my heart is breaking and my dreams are being crushed. What do you do when you don't have support?


crazy angry game of monopoly. the camera cant catch the hotels and houses being flown at each others faces!


today i woke up dead tired but i got ready quick and went to the bagel shop before work. brian called me out of nowhere and invited me to d-land for free to see his new light show. i couldnt though. went to work. got a $50 gift cert to albertsons from work for turkey day! then went to the bank. went to target. then went home to get ready for the art show! the art show was a success. i basically ran the joyfold both but we sold a lot. its awesome to see joyfold come to fruition. now im at dennys. falling alseep in a both. but im hoping my good company and chicken strips will wake me up. i want to fall asleep at the beach right now. cuddling on the sand under a blanket....mmmmm. well i have to be social now so bye.
oh i got a sweet new beanie from nicole. its red!
God has blessed me and i love Him.

squishing marks head



so I was just looking through really really old pictures of me that i had loaded on my photobucket account. Well not that old i guess. from when i was 19 to 22. And its amazing how much i have changed. All my smiles before i decided to followed Jesus were so fake looking, its unreal. Comparing side by side, a smiley picture now from then, you can see the joy that i have found in my life and before i was empty. like i knew i was missing out on something. wow. looking back on then makes me feel like i finally have a life that is meaningful now. i have found joy and confidence in God now.


someone is excited. its only november 8th people!


you'll change your mind come Monday
and turn your back on me.
you'll take your steps away with hesistance
you'll take your steps away from me.

im making my peace
and making it with distance
well maybe thats a big mistake
you know im thinking of you
i miss you.

what the crap does this mean? i guess i should become a lady of the night.


I've Quite Decided...

So, I've decided that i want to marry a music man. I want to come home in the evening to him playing/making his music. And to wake up to our weekend soundtrack as we get ready in the morning. I want the sound of a guitar and his voice bouncing off our walls. Sounds like my kind of life...


Happy Halloweenie kids!

that's Taytum, my cousins daughter. she's such cute giraffe!


I felt myself alone
in a life too much my own.

rolling in mommys car to mo val to pay my red light ticket.

i love the view out my window from my bed. i can always see the moon.


new shower curtain. its phenomenal.


happy halloween!


Thoughtful gifts are thee best :]

i cant wait to get hurt so i can use one.


so im pretty sure my fingers hate me by now

turn on me

You can fake it for a while,
Bite your tongue and smile,
Like every mother does an ugly child.

But the stars are leaking out,
Like spittle from a cloud,
Amassed resentment counting ounce and pound.

You're entertaining any doubt,
Because you had to know that I was fond of you,
Fond of Y-O-U,
Though I knew you masked your disdain.
I can see that change was just too hard for us,
Hard for us.
You always had to hold the reigns,
But where I'm headed,
you just don't know the way.

So affections fade away,
And do adults just learn to play
The most ridiculous, repulsive games?

And the tails will never mend,
'Cause you had it in for me so long ago.
Boy, I still don't know,
I don't know why and I don't care,

Well, hardly anymore,

If you'd only seen yourself hating me.
Hating me,
When I've been so much more than fair.

But then you had to lay those feelings bare,
One thing I know still got you scared,
You're all that cold iron,
And never once aired of our dead.

You had to know that I was fond of you,
Fond of Y-O-U.

So I took your licks at the time,

And to change like that is just so hard to do,
Hard to do.
Don't let it whip-crack your life,
And bow out from the fight,
'Cause oh, how your sisters will write.

The worst part is over,
Now, get back on that horse and ride.


23 and so tired of life
such a same to throw it all away
images grow darker still
could i have been anyone other than me?


matress shopping.

i think matress salemen could be the high class used car salesmen.


parking ticket #1

self realizations of the day:
i only sing in the car while it is moving
i count in my head while i pour things
i have to have a icy glass of water before bed
and apparently i sleep walk

g'night =]


twitching fingers + bloody elbows = good times

Team Best Rock Climbers!


my own personal live-in hair colorist


today i slept in
today i woke up late
today i hugged nicole
today a cute guy asked for my number
today i gave someone a chance
today i avoided the sales
tonight the moon smiled at me
tonight i sang aloud
tonight i got my heart broken

I never learn.


the end of night one in carlsbad. me so seeepy.


it has my heart <3


C's get degrees!


who needs a can opener?

flip the switch, please!

why do we let our love lives control our moods? a friend and i were sitting down talking about this a few weeks ago and i have since noticed that however my love life is going, it affects my day to day. How lame is that? something so minuscule in the big picture of life can completely change ones out look. why do we put our relationships with the opposite sex so high? is it nature or is it something we have been conditioned to think we need to have? and i am not just talking about myself...i know this goes for everyone. anyone who has ever liked someone. you know that feeling you get when you hear someone likes you or that person flirts with you or compliments you and how great the rest of your day or week can be. And how derailed you get, for a bit, when you realize your feelings aren't being reciprocated by that one person anymore. its something you know you should not let get to you because there are so many other bigger problems in your life and in the world than your crushed heart. if only it could be as easy as an on/off switch. ugh.




MXPX rocking my socks off!


the things you learn from a sociology text book...


i can hover over beaches

dont worry. he's a youth pastor.


somewhere lost and late in carlsbad :/

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