cuteness overload: june doggy sings

so as you might have heard, June is the cutest freaking dog. one awesome thing about her is that she rarely barks and she says "heeyyy" when geoff or anyone of the girls come home. yes, she really grunts and makes a sound that sounds exactly like hey. i think she learned this from brenda because she screams HEEEYYY when someone comes through the door.
another adorable thing is how she howls at sirens when she thinks no one is around(i think she gets embarrassed about her voice). so geoff and i got the brilliant idea to download a siren app on our handy dandy iphones and this is what we got:

about 00:39 she gets into it.

just majestic.

and if it couldn't get any cuter... IT JUST DID:

head tilts + floppy bed ear = adorable overload.

is anyone else saying "so f---ing cute!!!" in their head or is that just me?


broken hearted

tonight my brother james called me to let me know that our stepmom is in newport this weekend visiting her dad for his birthday and neglected to let my brother james or i know because she didnt want to make a big thing about it. 

uuuhh......my stepmom, whos been my stepmom since i was 7, who lives in colorado with my father and their two kids, who hasnt seen me in a year and my brother in almost two years was within driving distance and didnt want to see us. 

we only found out because my 8 year old brother Brett called and told James. 

let down and sad doesnt even describe the feeling i have inside. 
why didnt she want to see us?
why didnt she want to catch up and maybe get a bite to eat?
why didnt my dad tell us?
why is it okay for her to fly out here for her dads birthday but my dad cant fly out here to see us?
why wont he answer my phone calls, texts or emails?
why wont he visit us or pay to have us visit him?

when did i become part of my dads other family?

why after all this time and after so much shit do i still hurt by him?

why couldnt i have gotten a better caring loving father? one who actually really loves me and wanted to get to know me? one who didnt leave.
one that could have showed me what a real man is. 



Found this on some car outside the movies. She'll be lucky if she (or
he) still has a boyfriend after this.


s'more pizza

so its not perfected or anything but this is how it goes:

cookie dough as the "dough and crust" of the pizza. bake for about 8 mins at 350*
s'more pizza

then i crumbled chocolate flavor and regular ol' graham crackers over it. added chocolate chips and chocolate bars pieces on top of that, more graham pieces and topped with mini marshmallows. place it in the oven for about another 8-10mins.
s'more pizza
(ya, i looks really messy. i need to perfect the layering process)

then take out and enjoy
s'more pizzas'more pizzas'more pizza


bob's big boy, norco ca

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