109 days till Christmas

Besides sitting at my desk at work im loving today.
The weather outside, that feel of the day, and the fact that its already Tuesday! AND that its already September too! what the hell, time? can you please not fly by so extremely fast. im having to stand back all the time to try and soak my life in before the moments pass me by without appreciation.
I keep reminding myself that today is not Monday and i get really happy. But then i remember that that means im behind on my daily tasks since i have to cram both Monday and Tuesday's together. And although its not freezing outside, its not hot, sunny or sweltering out either! It was so dark out this morning i seriously though that i had missed the time change (again) and i didn't want to leave the bed. Well, Geoff still being in bed made it harder to leave too.
Can i please just fast forward to it being cold, rainy, cuddling on the couch, hot chocolate, socks, flannel blankets and movies. 
Is it weird that im already so looking forward to thanksgiving (feast) and Christmas?


Chris Kretzu said...

if that's how you feel, then you should probably come visit us. anytime between now and april should work fine. ($27 tickets at the end of september)

Candice Brouillette said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Candice Brouillette said...

i just looked and i didnt see $27 tickets. dont toy with me* kretzu.

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