june messes up

so as most of you know by now June killed my roommate's dog. not just my roommate, but its the dude who owns the house im living in. this is what happened:

its Tuesday, 5:50am. i wake up in my new surroundings and get ready for the first time in my usual getting-ready-for-work routine. feed and put June outside like i normally would have at the sheshack. i hit no traffic and get to work in record time making it into my office by 7:15am.
at 10am i get a call from a number i don't recognize so i don't answer it. i figure its one of the many apartments i was talking to trying to sell me again. get a voice mail but don't bother to check it because i only worked a half day on Monday and am behind with work. i get another call from that number a few mins later but still don't answer it. i then check the voice mail and its Cecilia, one of my new roommates. Shes crying saying its an emergency. that June killed Paul. i drop my phone and call my moms extension. i tell her and she runs over to my building. i was chatting off and on with Geoff via gtalk and i tell him on there. he didn't know who Paul was. Paul is one of Ted's dogs. A lil old Yorkie dog that was cute and quiet. kept to himself kinda like a cat.

i call Cecilia back and we are both crying. i mean, just losing it over the phone. she says she doesn't know what happened but that June killed Paul and she doesn't know what to do and that shes sorry. im like, your sorry?! IM SORRY! she was blaming herself. not her fault whatsoever. she had called Ted before she called me (Ted has been out of town since Friday night in TX for work and Cecilia and Brian were taking care of his dogs) and i guess he was really pissed, upset and mad, understandably. but that he didn't think June did it out of aggression. Cecilia took a picture of Paul and sent it to Ted.

when i came home the cleaning ladies were there. June was sitting in the corner of the side yard. she didn't even come up to us till we called her. i couldn't even look at her, i was so upset. Geoff walks her to my car and my mom and i call Ted. He doesn't answer. i left him a voice mail saying that im so sorry and for him to call me back so we can talk about it and what he wants to do. He never called me back.

We took her to the corona shelter but all they could do was put her to sleep. that is not an option. so i try about 6 other shelters and they all say the same thing. if she had bitten a person she would have been in quarantine for 10days and had personality tests done on her but since she killed a dog she isn't adoptable by shelter standards so they would just put her down since they are so full. having no one that can look after her for me i take her to that pet hotel off Lincoln.

i picked her up from there yesterday and she was fine and they said she was a sweet heart the whole time she was there. they gave her all A's on her report card haha. they knew the whole situation so she stayed clear of all other dogs. but since that place is around $40/night i had to move her to a new place in Mira loma yesterday. its a nice family ran place that's less than half the cost plus her kennel is like 3x the size. so its better.

i finally got to talk to Ted last night. He was really sympathetic and understanding. He doesn't think June did it out of aggression because if she did the dog would have been tore up and He only had two holes, one on each side of his little body. And June knew she did wrong and hid and i guess when dogs snap and loose it they tend to stay kinda crazy right after and Cecilia said that she checked June right after and that she was acting scared and hid, not mean or anything like that.

let me just set this straight: June actually really likes the little dogs i live with A LOT. its so cute to see her get so excited to be around them and play with them. her and two of the other dogs would play chase and since they were the bigger-little dogs they could be rougher when they played but June never showed an ounce of aggression to any of them. even when they took her bone. she was more afraid of them then they were of her at first. she is just too big to live around that many dogs that are so much smaller than her.

as of now we are thinking up ways to keep her until i am able to buy my own place (and hopefully that can happen by the new year) or find another place to live w/o other dogs. If anyone would like to dog sit June or if you know someone who could give her a better home than i can please let me know. its a crappy reality that i don't want to have to face and that ive been crying over since Tuesday, but if i have to give her up i will. but only to someone that i know will take care of her and love her as much as i do.

so ya. that's what happened. that's whats going on.
if anyone is selling a dog run, hit me up!
if you or someone you know is looking for a cute friendly people dog, hit me up!
if you want to dog sit for a bit, i will cover ALL expenses.


KristinChaos said...

I am so sorry, my heart breaks for all of you. June is an awesome dog and it could happen with anyone. I think about it all the time when I take Bruiser out because he's so strong and can play really rough. I'll be praying for all of you guys and I'll post something on my facebook. <333

candice valdespino said...

Thank you Kristin so much! I appreciate the prayers and spreading the word more than you know.
Hope bruiser is all better :) and that he isn't throwing up and lookin cracked out anymore. Hopefully he learned his lesson and fears chocolate now hah

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