moving again! ...yes, seriously.

If you lost count, thats 6 times in the last 6 months. 

God is so mysterious.

after getting settled into our cozy little apartment and all but waved a white flag at the housing market someone accepted an offer. 

it happened pretty fast. last month our realtor showed me this property that had fallen out of escrow and is looking for someone asap and we should go look at it immediately so we can write an offer. we didnt want to get our hopes up so we just wrote an offer without seeing it. after our realtor did a little wheelin', dealin' and pullin' on the heart strings by layin the newlywed card on the seller, they accepted our offer! so in the same week we started escrow, we got married! insane.

geoff was the first to go check it out and he loved it. said i would love it too. so about a week later i finally was able to check it out. remember this post? and i gave a description of our dream home? it was in the first sentence? ya, well God pretty much delivered on that.

on April 15th, 2010 this will be our home sweet home!


living area
the house is in lake elsinore and has 4 bedroom, 2 baths. and its got two additions to the house making it actually a 5bdrm house. through those french doors there is an add-on so theres like 2 living areas and in the back yard there is a detached house/room thats got its own a/c and electricity. geoffs making that into his art studio! and with all the extra rooms i can have my own room for crafts and whatnot. office. guest room. our room!
it doesnt look like much from the outside but we have big plans for it all. white pvc fencing, sprinklers, plants and palm trees. we even have some fruit trees in the back yard too.
oh and june will finally have a big yard and house to roam around in!

one downer about this all is that when we close escrow and get the keys geoff will be gone on tour! he finally got out of helping me move! and half of the stuff thats getting moved is all his stuff  now too. jokes on me i guess. only, this time, i hired movers. so dont worry, i wont be asking for your help :)

i feel over the moon loved by God right now and blessed that He would give us such a wonderful place to live. its always once you surrender it all that you get more than you were even asking for. first, with a husband. now, with a place to call home.


Christina Fuentes said...

Oh my word, Candice!! So happy for you guys. This is the kinda stuff that gives you hope that God doesn't forget the desires of our hearts. Amazing.

kretzu said...

that is so awesome and i am so jealous!


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