So last weekend i got to fly out to denver to surprised my dad for his 50th birthday! Actually by the time i got there he already knew i was on my way because my brother, his wife, my uncle and aunt had already showed up in the early morning. But i got to see the surprise on video and he was totally stunned and teary eyed.

Im not a regular traveler. The last time i flew was almost two years ago and even then it was just a trip to colorado to visit them on thanksgiving. I feel like such a newbie when it comes to airports and flying. I almost missed my connecting flight on the way out there. My flight from ONT left late so i arrived late to Las Vegas and all ill say it that was the worst flight ive even been on and my motion sickness is not limited to just cars.
said couple so into petting each other
they didnt seem to notice the lurker
next to them taking their picture
As soon as i was able to run off the plane i bolted for the bathrooms which in that terminal was just two stalls and a line of women and children spilling out into the terminal. i had no choice but to wait and i thought i had 20 mins till my next flight started boarding. I got in and out of there so fast i stopped and bought some M&M's and water for the next flight and sat with the other people waiting for DEN in my terminal when someone over the intercom says, "CANDICE VAL-DESP...-BROUILEEE...? LAST CALL!" I jumped up and ran with my hand in the air like a child. Apparently the time on the ticket is when the planes leaves, not boards. So i had to do that walk of shame on the plane because i was the one that was holding the plane back. But i got to sit next to this greeeeat couple who  pretty much sat there grooming and petting each other the whole time. I just put on my head phones and played Fruit Ninja and ate my free nuts.

The birthday man boy in charlie brown couture

family photo

Beluga Head a.k.a. Rusty

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my dad and uncle freddy getting loose in the kitchen

Is was a fun and way too short weekend out there. I was only there one whole day so i feel like i just drove an hour and a half to my dads and back. Ive gotten to see them so much this year because of our weddings and my brothers, now this. i could get used to it.

Side note: Doesnt my dad look like Captain Paul Watson?

So ya, Sunday geoff got back home from being on tour for a week and a half at the same time as me so that was grand...

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