wedding picture time!

On 3.20.10 i married my best friend.

we decide to have our "first look" before the ceremony. personal preference.
(i just realized i used that same picture of geoff twice. oh well, hes just that good looking)

the groom and his men

my beautiful bridesmaids

the ceremony
before we walked out Holly asked me about who i thought was going to cry. i said probably both our moms and dads would, but i definitely did not think geoff would. i mean its GEOFF. and we had been hanging out 2 hours before taking pictures.
i was so wrong...
as soon as i was walking down the isle i noticed he was wiping away tears. geoff had officially lost it. so naturally, i did too. it was a big beautiful happy tear fest.

family pics

the deets:
inthenowweddings.com (best decision ever, seriously)
april and brett in a dance off

best wedding ive ever been to, if i do say so myself. the day could not have gone any smoother. everything was right on time and perfect! a day filled with God, love, and laughing.
thanks to everyone who came and spent the day with us. meant a lot to have you there. and to the ones who couldnt make it we were thinking of you too!


circa 1998

yesterday i decided to go through every single box left in the house with my name on it.
it was like a gold mine of memories that i had totally forgotten about! and i discovered that i might have had a hording tendency in high school. i had a hardy collection of baseball cards, fast food table numbers, comic cards, weird bobble head figurines, weird little Buddhas, empty jewelry boxes, cards, notes, a bunch of old clothes tags, lanyards, and all my corsages from my high school dances. it was gross. it was like a disgusting time capsule from 1998-2002:

pano past
pictured: my fave and first jewelry box, h.s. play bill, fave number to steal, my first cell phone, stack of excellent comic cards, YMCA "rag", many formal dance pictures, working at fender, nirvana phase, notes passed between friends, tapes from our house boat trips to shasta lake, and the disco ball that hung from my ceiling fan in my bedroom.

i really wanted my old cell phone (with the glow in the dark case, naturally) to turn on so i could hear the ringer. my mom had her own tone and if i heard it today i would probably still get wide eyed in fear because i was most likely doing something i shouldnt have. aaaand i found an old mother's day card i never used. what timing!

memories trapped in time, people!


catching my breath.

for once im my life i have everything under one roof. 
a roof im currently living under too. 
our roof.

i have to train my brain that this is for reals this time. not going anywhere for a long time and its okay to take things out of their packaging and boxes and throw the boxes away. its a happy concept im embracing. 

all in all, its been more emotional than i expected. but im starting to catch my breath. 

i got the keys on friday the 16th and Pat, geoffs mom, and i started cleaning out the place so that on moving day it would be good to go. luckily, there wasnt too much of a clean up since its all new flooring, appliances, etc and no one has lived in the house for we think 6 months. I did notice some tiny spiders and other baby bugs running from the vaccum cleaner

Saturday morning geoffs parents, my mom and florida came by bright and early to the apt to help take apart my bed frame and move some of our delicate things and the movers were about an hour and a half late! i was pissed since i had a visual of the time line of the day set in my head and they just pumped it all back! The movers were pro though. they wrapped up the couches, tables, desk, anything not boxed so well that not one thing was damaged. and of course it had to be 85 degrees outside, i felt bad for them. they worked their asses off. one stop at our apt, then two stops at my work, where we kept the majority of our stuff stashed. BARELY got everything into a 26' truck! and of course i had to have my over sized solid oak furniture which weighed over 500lbs each piece. by 4pm they were on their way and our bank acct had a nice sized dent in it. 

then the discoveries of things that dont work in the house came up. apparently the hot water tank was empty because the valve that lets the water in was stripped and couldnt be opened. which mean that no hot running water. did i mention that i was sticky sweaty and hadnt showered since the day before. NOT OKAY. you'd think a home inspection wouldve caught that, but no. some outlets dont work either. so that night i had to bum a shower from my best friend from 7th grade and on, who is now one of my neighbors (!). not the high point of being a new homeowner haha. i stayed home alone that night. just june and i. i wasnt scared or anything. just felt alone and really lonely. i realized that i had just faced the reality that friends will think i live too far from corona to visit me unless i entice them with baked goods and bbqs.
and geoff's not here. i so couldve used him then for everything. emotional support, a laugh, his brute strength.
the next morning geoffs dad and i made a home depot run (so far ive only made 3) with a huge list of things i need for the house. we ran into almost all the people i know in elsinore that sunday morning in the home depot. my mom and craig (her hubs) who were there picking up parts for me, and harley (my aforementioned bff's hubs). my step dad took off the old valve and replaced it with a brand new working one. i was back to the land of clean clothes and hair! bug bombed the whole house too! then i tried to watch all 3 of the back to the futures but only made it to 2 before passing out.

so on monday i took the day off of work since there was still a lot to be done that day and i had been running on the same headache all weekend.

where once there was just a door....

now is a sliding glass door
(since the house has an add-on in the back there was only a single door to the back yard)
june just sat in the house watching the guys work the whole day. i think she liked the company of all of the people running around the house.

Then Verizon showed up and connected me with the rest of the world with high speed internets and tv. oh, how i love my tv. and instant netflix! if you think you see geoff signed on in xboxlive, its actually me either A. trying to learn MW2 and ruining his stats or B. watching Weeds and documentaries. 

then the dishwasher started acting up. i called Whirlpool to tell them how it looked like it wasnt draining right but they said its normal. so i put another load in there and sure enough, water all over the kitchen floor... a technician is coming out today to look at it. yay for warranties. so between cleaning up the kitchen floor, putting away laundry and trying to make an organized mess of the house, i look out the window and June is out front gallivanting in the street! she went and pissed off all the neighbors dogs. theres 2 other german sheps on the block and they arent dog friendly either. 

met my next door neighbors too. really sweet people.
all in all, i am so incredibly blessed to have my mom and Craig and to have married into a family that treats me like im part of the family. Ron Pat and Holly were all over and helped me out so much. and without Craig i wouldve had to pay a plumber an insane amount to fix it. and my mom is just plain old amazing and awesome. kept me sane. Nat's been visiting me a whole lot too! i live closer to her now! and april and jason came and hung out with me late monday night and hung up my curtain rod so i wont think there someone watching me on the other side of my reflection! you know you get creeped out by that too. 

so yah. thats been the gist of this crazy past weekend + monday.

blessed beyond belief.
missing Geoff more than i could imagine.


tour widows

We've been hanging out at home together every night alone since tour started again.

i think shes going through more geoff withdraws than me.

two weeks before geoff left for tour he got laid off from the church so he and june got to hang out at home all day together. they became bffs.  secret language, inside jokes and all.

on the morning geoff left i woke up to him saying, "JUNE. JUUUUUNE" in his sleep. last night i woke up at 3am to find june sitting in the patio just staring out through the fence. waiting for geoff to come walking back home.

my hand hurts

i literally had to sign every single page you see piled here. i think ive signed all the Valdespino out of me.
i get the keys and its gets recorded in my name tomorrow. 
cleaning party friday anyone! eh? eh?

oh and p.s.- we still aren't legally married according to riverside county courts. our form has to be notarized. with both persons present. oops! no one told us that rule. does that mean i get a do-over?


heather and april dance show

Last night we were all hanging out at brendas apt and april and heath wanted to watch a webcam video they were bored in long beach a long time ago. They emailed it to my iphone so we could watch it from there since B's comp wasnt in the working mood. Well, this morning i check my email and guess whats still in there....

for your enjoyment, heres a little piano and dance number by april and heath circa 2005 in apes apt:


change of address

for now on my blog will be found on:


so make sure to update any links that you have connecting to this blog. thanks!


breaking world records

we went to our first angels game of the season. spring has finally sprung.

it was snuggie night so everyone got a free one and at the 5th inning we all had to put them on for 5 minutes to break the Guinness world record. naturally people got really spirited once we were all in the same cheesemo snuglet and we had the best "wave" ive ever seen at a stadium. the ten year old inside me got pretty giddy about that.

this guy fashioned his into a turban
CLOSE UP: Then he just paced our whole section swaying with drunken excitement with his turban and sunglasses 

this is my first Guinness world record attempt. So im 1 for 1.
I always wanted to be in the book for something (longest water slide)...
ps- es, yours is on its way!


moving again! ...yes, seriously.

If you lost count, thats 6 times in the last 6 months. 

God is so mysterious.

after getting settled into our cozy little apartment and all but waved a white flag at the housing market someone accepted an offer. 

it happened pretty fast. last month our realtor showed me this property that had fallen out of escrow and is looking for someone asap and we should go look at it immediately so we can write an offer. we didnt want to get our hopes up so we just wrote an offer without seeing it. after our realtor did a little wheelin', dealin' and pullin' on the heart strings by layin the newlywed card on the seller, they accepted our offer! so in the same week we started escrow, we got married! insane.

geoff was the first to go check it out and he loved it. said i would love it too. so about a week later i finally was able to check it out. remember this post? and i gave a description of our dream home? it was in the first sentence? ya, well God pretty much delivered on that.

on April 15th, 2010 this will be our home sweet home!


living area
the house is in lake elsinore and has 4 bedroom, 2 baths. and its got two additions to the house making it actually a 5bdrm house. through those french doors there is an add-on so theres like 2 living areas and in the back yard there is a detached house/room thats got its own a/c and electricity. geoffs making that into his art studio! and with all the extra rooms i can have my own room for crafts and whatnot. office. guest room. our room!
it doesnt look like much from the outside but we have big plans for it all. white pvc fencing, sprinklers, plants and palm trees. we even have some fruit trees in the back yard too.
oh and june will finally have a big yard and house to roam around in!

one downer about this all is that when we close escrow and get the keys geoff will be gone on tour! he finally got out of helping me move! and half of the stuff thats getting moved is all his stuff  now too. jokes on me i guess. only, this time, i hired movers. so dont worry, i wont be asking for your help :)

i feel over the moon loved by God right now and blessed that He would give us such a wonderful place to live. its always once you surrender it all that you get more than you were even asking for. first, with a husband. now, with a place to call home.
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