"a root beer float in our banana boat"

this weekend is going to be one of the best and busiest weekends ive had in a long time. and i am so excited. i love a busy schedule.

+ tonight: SG is having a listening party at Best Buy in san bernadino. come and hang out! starts at 5:30

+ tomorrow: my first day as an assistant wedding coordinator! im got an internship with InTheNow. stoked!
then its Sleeping Giant's release show. i LOVE their new album. so much spirit, so much love, so much passion all for God. just beautiful. i cant wait to worship God with everyone there. if you want to carpool or whatnot let me know! i hope to see you all there. oh! and i think i heard they are giving out free cd's at the door. not 100% though.

+ Sunday: it seems to be the day of departures. none too final though (God, willing).
Heather and grayson are moving away up to washington and geoff the guys leave for tour that night after tithemi. im not sad or pouty about it. don't get me wrong, i will miss him a lot! especially since ive gotten so used to being around my best friend everyday. but geoff is finally going to be out touring again and i know how much that boy has missed the road! and all the amazing things they do for God, who couldn't be thrilled about it? plus its only two months. NDB.

also, i have yet to hear back from Chapman. i called them on tuesday and they said they still haven't come to a decision. frick. im going to take that as a bad sign.

initiate plan C.

lastly here is some cute june footage. she was sitting there watching family guy with me for about 5 mins before i thought about recording it.

i have the best damn dog in the world. sometimes.


Tall bikes


spring cleaning

since i have to "clean out" my 'kick i thought i'd show you some pics and vids that never left it till now.

watching fireworks over the golden gate bridge in DCA

dominating at toystory (im on the right)

this creepy guy posing on a bench in Dland

corre wiped out on memorial day

this kid rocking what he found at a rummage sale

ya, it even came with a tail

the first time we brought june home. she was so tired we practically dragged her to the car

my fav numbers

june in heathers chair

the delorean i used to see every morning

the day we got our passes

the funny way june used to sleep

when B brought me icee pops!

completely unnecessary

whenever geoff or i leave

her favorite sitting spot at the park

that time jason chained geoff to the jungle cruise line

baby jack

the painting i made him for his bday

and that time he brought me a picnic dinner at the rcc parking lot and broke his bike chain. swoon.


Over it

June seems so over being at work with me today.
Can't blame her



Bummed central

Jolene's reaction to her disney pass. Seems to be everyones natural
reaction to there photos on id's.

...aaand maybe its me but she seems to be flipping off the camera.


feeling good.

Fridays anthem.



what started off as a cute photo op has quickly become Junes new bed.

last weekend the church across the street was having a huge rummage sale. and since living with Jolene i have come to LOVE garage/yard/rummage sales! seriously, its getting bad how excited i get over going to these haha. so we walked over there to see what treasures we could find. i was on the hunt for some backpacks and luggage with the intent to construct them into a messenger bag since Cordura (the fabric used to make them) is so dang expensive.
4 backpacks + 2 suitcases + 1 pair of moccasins + an espresso machine + a gardening book + 5 belts - $10 = a very cheery me
out of some material i picked up at Joann's fabric and the recycled backpacks i made this little messenger bag for myself.
super plain and not the coolest looking messenger bag but for less than $5, i ain't complainin'. plus its better than slinging an oversize purse as i ride.

we're going to purchase some ballistic nylon material next week and start making our own messenger bags to sell to make some extra money. so if you are in the market for one and dont want to pay over $100 for one, hit me or Geoff up!



as lolo and i realized today, digital cameras have ruined us.
then again, ive never had true talent with photography.

here are a few acceptable(and i use that word loosely) photos from my second roll with actual film since i was 12. i took most of these last year and beginning months of this year.

holga. 35mm. 100ISO.

that was at my nanny's (grandma) funeral.

i finally just purchased a flash and my next roll will have a higher ISO since im rarely out and about in the daylight with my camera.


Dumb idea

Sitting in the middle of the guys during their water fight.
I'm soaked.


June swims!

Kinda... haha


i saw the sign

walked out of the house this morning into this.
either the youth is pulling more pranks on B or someone thinks we could use a little help.
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