on sunday i found a place where june and i can live together in harmony once again. its literally right down the street from the sheshack, huge closet, the dude that owns and lives there is barely ever home since he works 80+ hrs a week, no other pets, rent is cheap, really clean older home, and im moving in THIS FRIDAY! so stoked! so blessed. i really pray that this place will work out for a while. im sure it will.
i miss having my dog around and i know shes missing us. geoff visited her earlier in the day at the kennel yesterday and it was her first time seeing him in a week and he said she practically knocked him down when she saw him. awwww... and when i went by there later to bring her more food i was on my way to class so i couldnt play with her this time and the lady that owns the place was telling me she was such a cuddle bug that day... :(
its weird playing with her at the kennel. supervised visits, rationed food, schedule play time. sorta like jail. shes going to need a bath so bad this weekend haha

so ya, things are starting to look up. maybe calm down a bit. that would be nice for a little bit.

thank you to everyone who was helping spread the word on finding june a place to stay. i really really appreciate it so much.

big thanks to geoffrey. it takes a special kind of boyfriend to help their girlfriend move twice in two weeks and not want to kill them afterward. well... actually the second time will be in a couple days so there still time for that to happen. meh... i rented a 14' u haul, a dollie and i have 1/4 of the amount of stuff to move this time so things will be easier.

happy veterans day to all you veterans! everybody else, happy 11/11

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Brenda_Says_: said...

It's gonna be GREAT! You prove time and time again how strong you are!

I'm excited for your move with June-iper :)

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