Little things

He gave me a bunch of his DVDs since I have no tv

And in exchange, when we swapped cars tonight, I made his new stereo stop flashing in DEMO mode.

Team work.

Good stuff:
Went cake tasting today mmmmm
Geoff is picking up June tomorrow from the sitters and trav is watching her
Ryan and Joanna are getting married on Friday!
I'm staying in a sweet house right now
Cassius is sleeping on the floor and sitting on command
I can move all my stuff in one car trip in my xB. Liberating.
I got a good parking spot in front of the door tonight.
God spoke to me through someone else yesterday. He told her to tell me He is listening. Always providing me with just what I need.
And I'm going to marry my best friend and the best man I know in 7 weeks!



Crystal Pier

since geoff leaves for tour like a week after the wedding we decided to take a honeymoon till after he gets back and after my brothers wedding, so basically in the fall. BUUUUTT we still wanted to get away after the wedding and so my mom hooked us up! Crystal Pier.


sorry ive been MIA lately. between moving 2 times in the past week and trying to find june a new home and planning a wedding and working full time, i havent had too much time for anything. im hoping next week will be better.
but then again, i said that last week.



on new years eve night geoffrey proposed to me. i, of course, said yes!

i was kinda tipped off on wednesday night. we were all eating at chipotle and melissa asked me what we were doing for NYE and i told her how we had plans to get dinner at the beach and that it was geoffs idea to go take a walk on the beach. well i caught florida giving geoff this look of 'ooooooooh-thats-when-its-gonna-happen'. but i just pushed it out of my head and tell myself its prob nothing.
then my mom just wants to pop in early the next morning to say hi. riiight....
then the whole way out to the beach geoffs making jokes about proposing... "what if i said 'will you eat chipotle with me for the rest of my life?' or 'will you hump my bod for the rest of your life?'"
so im thinking this is totally going to happen tonight!
and he asks if i want to go walking before or after dinner.... ummmm BEFORE! i want to be engaged now. and then im thinking, crap im so not even going to cry or be surprised now because i know its going to happen.

so we are walking around at the wedge and the moon is out casting shadows and there isnt anyone at the beach. so perfect. we climb the lifeguard tower and he starts asking me if im ready for all the stuff we are planning and wanting... telling me mushy things and my mind is racing. im telling myself to enjoy this moment and at the same time im thinking ASK ME!

he gets down on one knee and says "will you marry me?" and flips open the box. a bright little light in that box comes popping on and then flickers and fades out! haha geoffs all, " ahhhh... my light!" and we start busting up laughing! it was just so perfect. and my eyes were welling up so bad i couldnt have even seen it if that light had worked. but wow did he do an excellent job picking out a ring! i was expecting a silver band but he went faaaar beyond my expectations! he asked my mom for permission the day after he got home from tour and they went ring shopping the monday before he asked me. im impressed. i never knew they were meeting secretly! haha

i still cant believe its finally happening. im relishing these last few months spelling my last name as valdespino.

wedding planning has already begun. march 20th 2010. we want to get married before he leaves for tour in april and my brother is getting married in may and i dont want to have a summer wedding because its soooo hot here and i dont want to wait till fall/winter. so march it is! its going to be a small wedding of just our family and closest friends. so excited.

thanks for all the kind words and support!

im so blessed to get to marry him and love him so much. Thanks God!
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