june is camera shy

i bought the canon t2i last week and im still getting the hang of it. ive never used or owned a DSLR so its a good thing this camera is smarter than me. 
canon 50mm 1.4 lens

the video it takes is amazing! it has the same size sensor as the 7D so you know its clear and crisp. we got this camera for its video recording abilities buuuuut since we dont have a computer that can handle that can handle the crazy amount of information this camera records at so i probably wont be posting videos for a while. le sigh...

The first time i tried hooking up the card reader to my macbook it crashed it and that was just transferring photos and a couple of short video clips. Luckily the Genius Bar was able to fix it but being in that Apple store made me want to get us a newer desktop. I've had mine from 2002! Its a dinosaur in the computer world. AND its a PC! So, if you know anyone whos interested in a macbook that has been barely, rarely used, super clean and is only over a little year old let me know. the money we get toward that will get put to buying Final Cut Pro and the computer. I know you gotta spend money to make money but we also dont want to be in debt to anything (not counting our mortgage) and plan to do everything we can to start and run this business that way.

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