its really happening

yesterday we got the keys to our first place, which is also geoffs first time ever moving. yeah, MOVING AT ALL. thats just crazy to me. sure ive moved 5x in the past 4 months but even before all that and when i still lived with my mom we were moving about every 1.75 years into a newer house. so needless to say we have a major decluttering operation in his room and throughout his garage.
he was saying how he felt like he was signing his life away after going over the 23 page contract and 10 different addendum's but i reassured him that its easier to get married than to get an apt these days and it will all be uphill from here on out.

and no, we wont be living together before we are married. i will be but he wont. after all this time i think we can wait another 3 weeks.


while i went back to work he started unloading my stuff from storage all alone. he is the man.
i was helping him bring in the couch and he slipped into a planter and i was laughing at him, being the supportive fiancee that i am, and in doing so didnt realize the curb coming up. feet stand still, my body goes forward, knees hit the cement, face plant into our new (to us) lazy boy couch, and expecting my fingers to be smashed off since im still gripping the bottom as it slams down on the cement. luckily the couch has feet so digits were unharmed. my knees and pride were not. as i was still laying there on the ground trying not to show my embarrassment tony comes around the corner, "AWWWW... did i miss it?!"
at least geoff got a good laugh!

i dont know why God continues to bless me with so much. i was driving to work thinking about how much He has provided for me lately and im seriously dumbfounded and humbled. when money starts running out or i dont know where i was going to live or what to do, He would provide me with just enough. Andrew opened his house up to me, Travis opened his house to june, larger than expected tax returns and to give me geoff as my husband, i mean seriously?! i just cry thinking about how He loves me and how undeserving i am to have His love and blessings. there are so many people who have less than what they need and i feel guilty. theres just not enough ways to show my love or thank Him.

23 more days.
(till im married, corre. :])


home sweeet home

this is our luxurious house: all 2500sqft, 4bdrm/2.5baths, half an acre backyard with a jacuzzi, back house for geoffs recording and practices and the white picket fence.
Dream home... no, but we are still excited and feel blessed none the less for being able to live on our own. geoff kept repeating, "we're really doing this, harry!" all night.

after another huge let down on a house we were fighting for we have to throw in the towel for now. its reached that deadline where theres no way we can find a house, go through escrow and move in before we're married so we went apartment shopping on saturday. This place was our first stop because they are cheap and some of our best friends live in the track aaaaand because they dont have a breed or weight limit on dogs! did you hear that? its the sound of heaven opening! WE ARE GOING TO BE A FAMILY AGAIN. geoff, me and june. its been so long since ive seen her. Junes been living with her uncle Travis in grand terrace. frolicking on their huge property, swimming in his giant pool and chasing grandma's cats from what ive heard. And Uncle Trav has even taught her how to sit still with food on her nose and is teaching her german. We signed a long lease with this apt since God only knows what Hes doing and this buying a house business is taking so long.

enter housing talk
there were 2 house in lake elsinore that we wanted so bad we were going conventional with our offers and not even bothering with FHA. so that helped us beat literally 15 offers that were all FHA right off the bat. for both houses it was the day before the seller was going to make a decision that some lame-ass cash offer would come in and steal our spot. and naturally the investor thats selling the house wants to sell their house asap so we even went with a private lender that would be able to close escrow in 15days(the usu- is 30days)! still didnt help.
we are still waiting to hear back from the bank on a house in corona thats a short sale from november. November! NOVEMBER?! apparently, the owners took a second on this house so we have to deal with two banks instead of just a hellish one. but the owners dont live there anymore nor are they still paying it so it keeps going up on the auction block and then getting postponed every month. but its a sweet house with a lot of room and potential so we are waiting for it. but now that since its coming closer to the obama money deadline we are going to have to start going FHA and can kiss standard sales goodbye.
end realtor talk.
i could seriously talk about homes all day and have been entertaining the idea of becoming a realtor but recently geoff and i have come up with an even better career path for us.
youll see eventually.

last night, after leaving multiple deposits on our apt and credit checks, we went to sams club for a stroll and dinner. we're such an old married couple already.
photo 3
no i didnt surprise him, he posed that way.

photo 2
now we can stock up on mass quantities of toilet paper and dog food for a good price.
plus to get your 35mm film developed is so cheap!

26 days till we dont have to say goodbye every night. cant come fast enough.


Happy Birthday Natalie

Last weekend was Natalie (natorii, natsnap, natatatat) 25th birthday!
(shes handling the QLC much better than i am)
on Saturday we put on our ponchos and rubbah boots and went to Disneyland. Haven t been there in months, which felt like forever and had so much fun! the rain had scared all the crowds away and the longest line was like 15mins.
photo 21
sleeping on tower of terror. except for nat.
photo 31
amelia and nat lovin on the muppet man

then on sunday night 25+ of us feasted at Lucille's
(check out debi getting into it)
photo 51

and a close up of (the best looking cupcakes ive ever made) the cupcakes i made for her:
photo 61

i love natalie. she is one of the most beautiful soul + person ive ever met. loyal to a fault to her family, friends and God. always making you laugh. shes always been there for me since ive known her and im so blessed to have her as one of my closets friends.



photo 11

photo 12

photo 13

play it cool...
photo 14




ive managed to just about plan our entire wedding in one month. so many thank you and gratitude to Amanda. she is so amazing in general but she has helped me out so so so SOOOO much with planning this. Ladies, if youre planning a wedding talk to Amanda. She and her entire staff (including me now!) are so sweet and creative. Love them!
sent out all the invites yesterday. we arent having a huge wedding so if you didnt get one, im really sorry. we really did want everyone to be able to come but we just cant.

the boys playing a benefit show for haiti

eating vegan donuts in parking lots

finally hanging out with friends from corona.
its been an insane past couple of weeks and now that i live a good 30mins away it makes it harder to hang out all the time.

Ryan & Joanna got married last friday! It was such a beautiful ceremony and we all had so much fun at the wedding. No pictures from me but you can see a few of them on Mike's Blog. They look so good and i cant wait to see the rest!
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