Ol' Mrs B.

i love stain glass windows. i think some are so beautiful and ive always wanted them too.
you know what i love just as much as stain glass windows? saving money!
they are so freaking expensive, rightfully so, but still. im not paying that much. so when the blinds in my craft/hobby jumped off the wall i tossed their sorry plastic excuse of privacy in the trash and found this fake stained glass window film. not only does it make me feel totally safe from lurker eyes but its actually keeping some of the heat out of this room. win/win!
proof im an old lady inside
no shame!


Natalie. said...

My parents have that stuff in our house too!

Chris Kretzu said...

we're creating some new environmental design in our auditorium that is very much stained glass.

i'll make sure to get you some pictures :)

Candice Brouillette said...

@nat - yet another reason why i love your parents!

@chris - even though i know youre being sarcastic i still want to see them haha

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