Before & After

So since we have about 3 thrift shops within a mile of our house and money has been tight ive been doing a lot of thrift store shopping.
first thing i got: 2 wood night stands with leather tops and one of them has a light and outlet in the cubby.

Cute night stands, right?!$10 for both and a couple cans of spray paint.

Remember this post about the stinky guest room? Well after replacing the matting and getting that smell out, and since Sleeping Giant's drummer Matt was living with us i decided to spruce the room up for him while they were gone on tour!

So now this is the new Guest/Natalie/Jolene/Matt's Room:

box shelf from tjmaxx, already owned trinkets

$3 frame from anthro, bigy bank from tjmaxx

hour glass from tjmaxx, box from sara plummer, candle on sale at anthro

$1 at the yellow thrift store around the corner! and it still works
I wish i would have taken a before picture but in my excitement i forgot. Just imagine that room with only the bed and shoved in the corner with one single lonely pillow.  
Theres still a lot i want to do in this room like paint it but this will do for now. I still havent done anything to our room yet!
So if you ever need a place to crash and like an overly excited german shepherd following you around, inquire within :)


Natalie. said...

i love my room!

Candice Brouillette said...

haha yesss! i think meow meow will find it quite lovely too.

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