the aftermath.
it kinda looks like a rocket ship and clouds or a bug with a thought bubble.
it still hurts a lot and its getting in the way of work, spoonoochiii sesh', and when i sleep.
but yesterday i rode by myself and did fine.
road - 1 candice - 1

went to rachelle's baby shower last saturday and i was a lot of fun. not your typical baby shower. it was co-ed and it felt more like a party. everyone hanging out eating and shwimmin' all in celebration. it was fun. there were a few games. like you get a piece of gum and have to make a baby.
i won.
a few times at the sheshack we have had these freak days where our window are just COVERED in flys. its so gross! they get sucked thru our fans and stuff. while we are all watching The Hammer, which is pretty funny, i went to swat a fly on the tv only to realize it was behind the screen. ew.

this was taken last week but i forgot to post it. jonathan sleeping inside starbizzle after getting all whiny that no one wanted to go to dairy queen :( haha


2 Timothy 4:2-5

  • Preach the word of God. Be prepared, whether the time is favorable or not. Patiently correct, rebuke, and encourage your people with good teaching.
  • For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to sound and wholesome teaching. They will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever their itching ears want to hear.
  • They will reject the truth and chase after myths.
  • But you should keep a clear mind in every situation. Don’t be afraid of suffering for the Lord. Work at telling others the Good News, and fully carry out the ministry God has given you.


Curb- 1 Candice- 0

just breaking in Kingsly on his first trip out.


nat and her new love

it was love at first sight

3, 2, 1

So as i was punching in my vons club card number at the gas station as i notice the nozzle on the other side of my pump start stretching and the sound of a car driving away.
i stood there waiting for the explosion.
as the guy stepped on his gas pedal the nozzle snapped at the safety break and the hose came flying back up.
it was really loud. but loud enough for these two women to notice. as i stood there jaw dropped and stiff they looked at me and both of them thought i dropped something. one asked me if i dropped my card or if i lost a contact haha.

i asked the guy if i could take a picture of him with the hose but he said that he was so embarrassed that he put on his sunglasses, a picture for my blog wasn't going to happen.

  • i'm addicted to etsy - something about receiving awesome stuff in the mail feels good
  • bummed out that i slacked on getting my comic con ticket - scalpers need to get on conventions
  • i like W.O.W. Wingery better than wingstop.
  • i get my bike today
  • i miss brenda. a lot (TOMORROW)
  • i will be a very very happy girl (to say the least) in three days



team hotpant ftw!

double header in riverside heat earned us a free hef

Heather's Golden Girl Style

thrifty? yes
convenient? true
but its still a fanny pack
and it was full of rice when she bought for $.50 at a garage sale.



this is how we network and make friends with other 20 somethings

can't a suga' mama get some rest?

as i was napping on the couch this flew thru our window. ew.
its buzzzzzing woke me up.
i freaked out
called jolene in
then we both screamed as it strated to fly
she then threw a cup over it
then set him free outside.


note to self:

you have curly hair now.
(what the crap?)

this is what happens when i don't procrastinate:
  • bought my last shot
  • made appointment to meet with Chapman university
  • made an appointment to get next tattoo
  • renewed my esthetician license
  • renewed my drivers license

taking care of things feels really really good.


Buck-Buck aka Dog Pile

So last night at youth after service we played this game called Buck-Buck. Never heard of it either but it looked like an organized dig pile.
it was crazy.
tons of fun.
the kids loved it.

tumbling down!

i wanted in on the fun and i had to support my team (Team Stamos!) so i jumped into the fun and somewhere between Aly's head moving up and the kids on top of me falling down i started to get choked.
good times though.


My Saturday Mornings as an Adult

my body is used to being up so early that if i make it to 9am still asleep i feel victorious.
and Saturday morning cartoons are a thing of the past. plus they all pretty much suck now. i fill the void with catching up on my online comics that i missed this week. they aren't anything educational. just purely for entertainment. and i thank the writers for their wit. check these ones out:

so B tells me that there is something wrong with the pool and that we are to stay out of it until further notice. i get this text as im sitting in it. i guess there is some electrical problem. nice. luckily my mama is out of town (see last post) so i can use her pool.

my room is almost complete! and i think i may have finally found a buyer of all my old furniture from craigslist. yessssss. my room feels so good. i finally feel relaxed in there and honestly its so comfortable that i never want to leave it. haha.

so now i have finished reading my comics, ate my breakfast (a chocolate brownie. I'm a health nut), fed the doggy, and now chattin' with B while she is at work.
my Saturday day now begins.

have a great weekend all


dun dun DA DA

My mom and her Craig just got married yesterday in Maui. AWWWWWWWW
They planned on a nice little wedding/honeymoon with just the two of them. smart.

she is learning how to send picture messages. how cute.



I want to ride it where I like

yes, i have finally bought my bike. he is beautiful and he will be arriving soon (i hope).
this will get me more exercise and i can join a biker gang (i hope).
and there's always good parking and i will have my own lane.
you can scratch this off the birthday list too. now all i need are pegs and those frilly things that come out the handle bars haha. seriously though, i cant remember the last time i rode a bike so this could hurt. but soon i will be taking uphills without breakin a sweat (i hope).
gas prices are brutal and i want to get out and feel the wind in my hair and the burn in my legs.
soon you'll be saying: whats up tandice



for fun on tuesdays i go out on the town in my john stamos t-shirt.
josh wanted to trade.


4th of July

we started the morning by all of us making breakfast and since the lovely linds was staying with us we thought we'd make it a glorious one. blueberry, banana, and chocolate chip pancakes, with all the fixings. so good.

after kirk was done driving the magic school bus threw berrysweet we waltzed over to the Longs and grabbed a few things to make the day more enjoyable.

jousting pool toys. best $30 i spent that day. they were made to look like wood so, as you can imagine, the pervy jokes ensued. they were so hard to stay on too. so by the time you actually secured yourself on top of the log, add 9 other people in the pool, someone was always about to give you the smack down. good times.

the other cool thing purchased at Longs was our new disco pool light! the light that is in our pool has been broken since before me moved in and we've finally found a suitable stand in.

from our backyard you can see corona's firework show. they set them off literally right across the street from our house. man, i love living there. my roomies, the location, rent, pool. so blessed.

and for it being corona's firework show it was pretty good. i tried to get a picture of the finale.
we were so close to them that we could even hear the soundtrack to the fireworks. they played star wars and the Olympics themes. not very patriotic.
all in all, it was a funtastic day. we BBQ-ed kielbasa, carne asada, chicken, corn, baked potatoes, and asparagus. i ate myself into a food coma. and it was cool that a lot of people came over and hung out. haven't seen everyone together in a long time.

i wonder if the British have a day were they celebrate how much they hated us?


not cool

brenda can't reason why they would choose the titanic sinking as a fun slide for children

12' unicyclist on main st at huntington.
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