A lot like it

here are some pictures i unloaded from my cell of the last few days for your viewing pleasure. lets tarantino it:

kickball started! Let me introduce, Team Hotpants. We dominated this week. I think it was the distracting 80's get ups that helped us out. We won by 10 points i believe. And when it was my turn to kick i popped the ball.
ya, im that good. j/p.

after the beach i thought of ways i could help stimulate the economy. So heath and i went to Ikea to pick me up a new bedroom. Jonathan met us out there. This is him eating those tasty Svvveedish meatballs.

In order to validate our parking spot we had to spend a few bucks in rocky mtn chocolate factory. And the phallic foods of the day begins.

our paste-y selves
Right at the front of the pier was this guy who was sharing the gospel with a crowd of people. They had video cameras and microphones and this little pa system all set up and he was trying to answer peoples questions they had about Christianity. But the way this guy went about showed no love to people. He would cut people off as they were talking and start shouting and he wasn't even answering their questions. If i didn't know any better i would have been completely turned off to the thought of excepting God and Christ. Heather and i watched for a bit and then just got completely turned off by the way they were going about it. Maybe its just me but i don't think you can shout and put down others in that manner to bring them to Christ.

We went and saw Wanted after open mic night. I want to be a bad-ass assassin now.

Florida finally getting the berrysweet experience and lovin it

Tones going the healthy route

Natsnap and i indulging with topping and color overload

earlier in the week:
Jo and i messing with our bank tellers patriotic glasses. She is the Statue of Liberty in case you couldn't figure it out.



Wish List

So my birthday isnt too far and i thought i'd give you a few ideas:

ice cream maker (this is a plus for you)

my first generation mini too a crap on me

because i miss walking about aimlessly with friends on weeknight and summer time firework shows

because it cost over $75 to fill my truck up and i work, live, and worship within 5 miles of each other

check it the link.
now lets do this.


hello Alcatrazzz, Chinatown, fisherman's wharf, exploratorium, golden bridges, long drive up the coast, maverick's, and cable cars.

i would like to set a record. but getting the book will suffice.
i had the idea to make the worlds longest slip and slide. last time i heard it was set at 400ft. anyone up for getting their name in the book? lets make it happen people.


dear ambushers



sheshack antics

so last night we had our first ambush at the house. it was only a matter of time.
while enjoying some berrysweet i was tipped off that some of the kids and leaders from youth were going to prank our house. i heard it was going to involve mice, fishing line, and shaving cream. I quickly spread the word to my fellow roomies and it was on. brenda locked down the house, heath went to the church to freak out the scheming kids and jo and i rushed home to plot. on our way home though i ran into them all on our street. it was awkward but fun moment. heath and i got to throw a couple of eggs and rotten oranges from our tree at them. it was a good time had by all at that point, but they kept coming back around to try and finish the job. by midnight we got a bowl filled with goldfish left at our door and a love note in shaving cream on our drive way and heather's car. after a few threatening texts they finally called it quits. haha

i don't want to be the new "mark's house".

sadly, the fish did not make it through the night.

in other news:

-i am taking the summer off from school. heck yessss

-it got so hot last week we actually turn the air conditioning on. who would have thought 85 degrees would feel so cool?

-jo and i finally got our stimulus checks and we make sweet sweet music together.

-i'm getting antsy.


Blueberry's Wear Hats

me and heather's new favorite place to hang out.

a day in Pompii

some walls and art work they dug up and preserved

sara was bummed that there wasnt a lot of burned people and i was getting over how many people they were letting in at a time. it was a zoo.

its crazy to see how much detail that was still there from someone who died 2000 years ago. i guess when they started digging up the remains of pompii they filled up the wholes in the ash where they found bones with plaster and they is what they found. amazing.

this is a couple. the man was trying to protect the woman.

poor pup. he never had a chance.



to play my guitar.
to dance.
to sing.
to scream.
go swimming.
to run around santana park.
to wrestle.
to do one of those ninja kicks in the air.
to play with bamboo sticks and seaweed at the beach.
to get my next tattoo.
and to blow all my monies.
i don't know what it is right now: the "new"-ness, the restlessness, the fantastic weather outside, or the fact that i haven't really slept more than a couple hours a night for the past week?

second winds are an amazing thing though.




Happy Father's Day

Thank You God for this beautiful day



welcome to the:
the sheshack
menstration manor
vagina village
penatration station
bajingo bungalo
gina gateway

(not pictured: brendita)


Scotty and the Exes: Yogurt Date Night

ha! ha!

Happy 1 Week

ya, hes been hanging on our ceiling for 8 days now. its been hot in here the past couple days too. heather and i feel that he is our replacement of our missing men. oh the comfort he brings haha.
its going to be such a sad day when he falls down.

in other news:
+ tomorrow is our house warming so come over between 2 and 5 and eat some bbq food and hang out with us.

+ i <3 all these frozen yogurt places popping up so close to my house

+ slow dancing in a burning room is such a sexyyy song

+ i want my feet tattooed pronto

+ i joined an adult kick ball league

+ heather is getting an addiction to explodingdog

+ i miss the fav


Frick I Hope So

vision into hell.... sorta.

of course i get called to this window :)
i just saw the excitement of a girl who just passed her drivers test. Pretty cute.
so now im stuck at the dmv because some jerk offs parked inches from my bumber. nice.
this place sucks. crying kids every where and no smiles. where are the smiles people.
the norco dmv: black hole of positivity.

Just wiggle in 'em

My brother and his lonely girlfriend now sell designer jeans for cost. thought i would share this with yous who like to wear 7's, joes, rock & republic, ed hardy, true religions, and a few other really nice name brand jeans i dont know. they are legit. i would never tell you to buy fake ones. they have a grip or different sizes in guy and girls so if you want to try some on let me know and they can come to your house or we can have a fitting at mine. they go for around $80 and up. some are more. some less.
here is some pictures of ones they have. but they told me yesterday that they got a bunch of new ones.


The 5th Roommate

he has been hanging since saturday 11:45 am


tommie's body double
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