To be continued

This is so entertaining right now. I'll explain later.Angels game with the two beasties and the fav. Angels are winning. Firework show for me.


excitement fills the air...

when you're down and feeling blue here are some things to do:

1. watch this
: (repeat, repeat, repeat)

2. listen to this:
lindstrøm "where you go i go too" - it'll make you feel like you are in the 80's and moves your bones

3. eat this:


followed by

4. do this:

in other news:
  • school starts back up next week. going full time this semester so i can get the heck outta there already! working it full time, then school 3 days/wk after work, then second job on sat's
  • pray for me, please: balance
  • angel's game tomorrowwww
  • i have gotten confirmation from God on things. phenomenal. the way He talks to me is not direct, like a voice or anything, but through; people, situations, circumstances. i can hear His voice in all of that so loud and clear most times
  • toga party on saturday (inquire within) .
  • tomorrow Gabe Watt, Micheal Jackson, John McCain and i turn a whole 'nother year older.
Cheers to Gabe on being born!
Here is your bday present. All 15 seconds of its glory:


Hello, My Name Is Robot

more than just metal

jojo winding up tommies gears


Bring Your Roomie to Work Day!


2 Weddings and a B-Fest

This past weekend was pretty funtastic. failed attempt of red hair, pizza, and friends filled Friday. But Saturday was my mom's wedding reception. If you scroll down a few blogs you'll see she got hitched in Hawaii and held a backyard bbq reception that was so entertaining.

old dudes rocking out

the groom & bride

He's laughing at me about something....
I think its at my step dad's record for world's longest introduction/ speech. seriously you had to be there and it was right when Brenda, Jojo, and Jesse walked into the party. perfect timing.

prom picture.

get it girl. get it.

then a dip to wash off the cake face.

Then came sunday. Kickball playoffs and i was Jojo's plus one to the Harwood wedding. after the ceremony i was told we lost our undeafted streak and eventually out of the whole competition.
I guess they needed Es and i. haha j/p. but kinda not.

i gave brenda my camera for a few mins and now i have 20 head shots like this

the beautiful bride, chelsea

ms christina lynn

jonny getting down


AND a few pictures of some mexicans and a poor white kid i picked up to do some house work for me before BRENDAFEST.

minutes before the faucet turned into old faithful

good as new.


dan the man with some experimentation

jonathan enjoying the taste of charity


Good morning!

i had to go through the back entrance to work today.


Next He'll Be Kissin' Babies

email from my dad to me:

"Hey Buddy, I keep forgetting to tell you and James that I'm a tv star out
here. I'm in a couple of political commercials that are run on tv quite a
lot. The guy's name is jared Polis. The link to see them is below. Look for
the videos that are titled "Jared Polis on health care" and "Win". Hope you
can see them. Kinda funny."

(he is the salt & pepper colored hair fellow in the warehouse around 8 seconds into the ad.)

this is funny because:
1- because my dad claims to be so liberal even libertarian's aren't enough for him, and
2- i'm pretty sure he never votes.
but still, its pretty cool. and if my dad were to ever be on tv for anything it would be something like this or a special guest on kids in the hall.

just follow the finger, dad.


If we turn turn turn turn turn, Then we might learn

So yesterday was a day of some big goodbyes.
It started off by me leaving someone who i had been with for 6 years. I was a little hesitant to go at first but now i know it was a good move. I left verizon for t-mobile. I got the brand new sidekick and its amazing. So happy with it and its way cheaper with all the features i get than it would be with verizon. This morning i discovered another feature it has. Auto-correction on words. Florida changes words like "church" to "satan rules 666" and "berrysweet" to something really bad. And his name to "hot piece of ---" and geoff to "dumb ---". I didnt realize this until after several texts were sent and just 20 mins ago jojo tells me to calm down. lol

Next goodbye was to another missions trip i had wanted to go on so badly. It sucks because in my heart i truly already saw myself there and pictured what it was going to be like. But if its not God's timing its not right. Im starting to think i am doomed to never get out of corona. Even if its only for a short period.

And the biggest "see-ya" was saying bye to mike as he leaves us for the city of brotherly love. If you know mike then you know it was only a matter of time before he up and left us. He is too big for corona and the man is a nomad. He is all sorts of amazing, i cannot begin to tell you. I really hope i get to go and visit him soon though. I know he will be back because his parents live here but still... he isn't just a random text message away now. One bonfire and a 6am breakfast later he was on his way.

Ode to Mike:



Come support Brenda in continuing her education at Catalyst School of Ministry.
Enjoy a full Mexican meal, BBQ, Pizza, and a ton of baked goods.
We are asking for a $10 minimum donation and all donations are tax deductible

Her goal is to raise over $2,000, so bring friends :)

Bring your swim suit & towel & get ready for some Karaoke!

It's going to be a funtastic night. i seriously can't wait. its going to be at our house so hit me up if you want to come and need the info. if you cant come and want to donate we can arrange something as well.
Hope to see everyone there!



my night went something like this:

-driving to pick up mike and seeing him chase after my truck hoping to scare me. or get ran over.
-sitting in traffic = listening to Paramore and This Will Destroy You. twice.
-getting on the wrong freeway.
-realizing i drive like i love.
-La Brea Tar Pits

(apparently mike was the only one ready for this picture)

where was i...
-looking at crazy talented chicano art and attempting to not feel the exhibits.
-strike 1.
-mike just setting off alarms in the ancient japanese art building.
-power walking thru the last building in 7 mins.
-putting faith into natsnaps navigational cellphone.
-finding the O.G. french dip place and it not being as cheap as i remembered (strike 2).
-laughing to geoffrey's touring stories and learning how to play The Drink Game, The Hamburger/Sandwich Game, and The Game.
-just hanging out with 3 of my favorite people.
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