happy eve of christmas eve

today is one of my favorite days of the year.
all the anticipation for tomorrow, which is indisputably my favorite day of the year, and i usually have a good Christmas party to go to, baking, and work (which is oh slow today yet i am still working?!).
this year i actually have a tree and decorated the house all Christmas-y. last year B and i had the a.p.t. and lacked all things Christmas except my holiday moose that my mom gave me.
and since this year i have 3 amazing roomies and a fire place i have a lil' something-something to surprise them with in the morning. i feel like Santa. or at least like i am putting their presents out before they wake like im their mom. so excited. haha

here is my moms pup jack. he loves his new outfit. cant ya tell?

i have seen my fair share of humorous Christmas cards but tones takes the cake.


God's never looked so rad!

last night geoffrey and i went to a christian book store to pick up a bible cover for his mom's Christmas present. once inside, we pretty much lost our minds in there.

for the colored woman who needs her own translation to relate to God's word.

some sweet shirts:
ghoff got pissed about this one since it has his favorite verse

and the one i can picture the Flanders' kids wearing.......
while playing this

speechless yet? here's more:

because regular old granola bars aren't holy enough....
candy? check.
gum? check.

and just when we gave them a chance to totally redeem themselves....
they didn't even sell Sleeping Giant's CD.

the only thing really missing in there was that there weren't any carpenter's tool for sale.

in the words of lil' ryan - "Christians will buy doo doo if you shape it into a Jesus fish"


my post on this isn't to make fun of people who do actually buy this stuff. but more to point out how it feels like people are cashing on the the God train and how they are trying to make Jesus "cool" and "rad". Jesus isn't a trend.
I'm truly sorry if i have offended any of you but i just find these things to be so ridiculous and it makes me sad.


smiling ear to ear

so i am about to go and take my first final of what i pray to be my last semester at RCC. ive been going to night classes there for about a year and a half now to transfer to Chapman university into their Dodge college Film School. its one of the best. i pretty sure its in the top 5 Film schools in the country. i want in. badly. (twss. "ew", i know i know. that was a bad one haha)
im a lil stressed/nervous/worried.

heres some stuff that might make you laugh:

white elephant gift from mr highlands xmasx sweater party.... a $5 bill taped to a cup with someones turd in it.

and an exclusive SG Cribs episode:

gotta go.

pray for me. please and thank you.

love you all.


the celebratory weekend of geoffs quarter life

sooo friday was geoffrey's 25th bday but we mainly celebrated it on sunday when we went to six flags. it was a day where if you brought a toy worth $15 you got in free. so, it being free + park being pretty much empty+ the cold weather = perfect conditions.
not many pictures were taken but here are a couple. so much fun. i have never been on so many roller coasters consecutively. and the roller coasters there put all the ones i have ever been on to shame. oh. my. word. and this one called "tatsu"... i wasn't sure if i was really crying from fear of my chest and ankle harness malfunctioning and plunging face first to my death or just my eyes watering from the wind.
surprisingly none of us ralphed but we all made the unwise choice to go on this sketchy carnival-like ride that almost destroyed all our stomachs. you know, one of those circles you stand against the wall and it spins you so fast that you stick to the wall? ya. no bueno.

Not picture that came are bryan and tony.

here are the cupcakes i baked for him. he loves sharks. hence shark attack cup cakes.

finals tomorrow. joy.
rainy day today. yay.
all i really wanna do is lay in front of the fireplace and bake.
dont. wanna. study.
le sigh.



Once we recovered from the siesta we had a fiesta.
The first picture is of my teacher taking a picture of the in class
Got pretty loud that the people in the spanish 3 class next door came



Last lecture. So studious.


J<3M + baking = fantastic idea

i would just like to bring your attention to john mayer's blog.
i know, i know, some of you dont love his music like i do but you "respect him as a musician". but seriously, the guy is pretty dang funny and for that i like him. yes, he is my unreachable dreamboat celebrity crush. but i digress-
he started this contest he calls, Interfaith Baking. people submit their best looking and holiday spirited baked goods and he will share them and post the best looking one and winner gets a prize.
im going to win it.
well not really, im not that fantastic as a cake decorator. but its nice to dream.
i have made tons of cookies in the past 5 days. i love baking sweets. i love baking with my mom every christmas. on last friday i tried making vegan cookies for SG to snack on while they were on their travels. not so hot- first batch i used whole wheat flour instead of white. leave the wheat flour for bread haha... no good for chocolate chip cookies. the second batch were okay but not good enough to give to them (espesh since i hear joanna, lil ryans girl, makes the best vegan baked stuff). then on sunday night i made cookies and realized i ran out of chocolate chips (note: carob chips are AWFUL). so we thought oreos would suffice. uuuhhh brilliant idea! delishiness mixed with, oh whats that?, MORE delishiness!
AND with a certain someones birthday coming up this week im going to bake these amazing cupcakes nicole found a while ago. if they come out as cool as it looked in the picture you will know.

wow, i cant believe i had that much to say about baked goods. haha im such a fat kid.

me: getting my baking on
heath: getting it on


Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

...every where you go

walmart parking lot

mystery person's Christmas cards (im not allowed to share who it is yet)
even the sheshack got into the spirit

nativity scene

florida helped me hang lights all around our entire living room(s) yesterday

my prediction, at the least, they will be up till march.

now lay next to the fire place with me
listen to it crackle
see the flickering flames
and hear to heath and gray talk about butts from the couch


giving some love.

-i love to give. so so much.
so with Christmas present season upon us not only does it give me a guilt free reason to go shopping but i also get to give away presents. and now that im an "adult" i have to actually buy people in my family presents and not rely on my mom to just sign my name on the card haha. but seriously, ive been blessed beyond any reasoning i can find, i think its something God lets me do. its one of the best feelings to me. right up there with Gods grace and buying a new cell phone.

-also, newest self realization: i love to plan stuff.
im not what i would call a structured person by any means. i tend to play things by ear and dont commit to much in advance. but ya, weekend trips, parties, dinners, whatever, i find it fun.
now i just need to find a way to make a living off it haha

-the end of this semester (and hopefully my school career at rcc) is only a week and a half away. im going to have so much free time after work now i wont know what to do with myself.

-my short stay in Colorado was a good one. my dad, step mom (who's from there), and little brother and sister moved to Mead, Co two years ago from huntington beach. Mead has about the population of 2,000 people. no joke. so as you can imagine it took some adjusting for my dad. not only is the scenery way different but the weather is too.
it snowed on us a little on friday. i being the noob was all gitty about it.
the night i got in they took me to eat at the Meat Cafe in "downtown" mead. downtown = 4 old houses converted into a post office and couple restaurants. it was cute.
i just really wanted to hang out with brett and rory so bad. that was my whole purpose on going on there. brett, boy genius, is all into legos and star wars. i signed them up with a AIM account so we can chat chit whenever. brett is non stop on that thing after school. its amazingly cute and bordering "crap, what did i do?!" to me haha. rory is going to be trouble for my dad when she gets older. little girl has more sass than i thought a 5yr old could.
i took them to the super walmart to go christmas/bday present shopping. brett got star wars lego ships and rory only wanted this puppy that rolls over by itself. i was shocked, i literally told them they can have whatever they want (except a flat screen tv and Brats Dolls) and they picked legos and a stuffed dog! but once rory saw how excited i got over finding an easy-bake-oven, she had to have one.
they seem to be really happy out there though. they own a big nice home, two great jobs that pay them more than their CA ones did, have two dogs, know and hang out with alllll their neighbors (its nothing like out here). my dad says he still has those moments driving to work and sees fields, horses, and a silo and ha has one of those, "oh ya, i live here now" moments.

the west coast

brett, bunny ears, Vader mask

fishy face

comforting sign in the denver airport bathroom.

-i just heard Nsync's "Merry Christmas" and now it feels more like christmas.


leaving the airport

hint to terrorists:
take the stairs

answers for the cupboards:
a. heather, b. brenda, c. me, d. jolene.
es- your reasonings were hilarious to me! heather is healthy. jojo sticks to the basics. and even though jesse is cute the love notes are mine from geoffrey b.
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