its the little things

my dad sent me a package of small inspirational books, calendar, and bookmarks for not remembering my birthday(august) and christmas. i appreciate the gesture and the time it probably took him to pick these things out and mail them to me.
but i just read what the bookmark said... i love being YOUR MOTHER?

oh dad

change would do you good

or thats what rachelle told me. apparently my hair is boring and needed something to pep it up! no bleach though :)

pretty much awesome

my heart smiled when i saw people gathering around praying for each other right outside the show. such love. i can fully see God at times and places like these.


two years too long

today is the day that brenda's dad passed away 2 years ago. she is wearing his watch and a necklace with his ashes in it. i love that. the love she has for him... its so awesome to me and i am moved every time i see her wearing the necklace.


let down

i kept walking by this bowl of leftover easter candy in the hallway at work. tempted each time i walk by to just binge and go into a sugar induced coma and probably unintentionally give myself diabetes. i have been trying to eat right these last few weeks to get back into a bikini body. i reasoned with myself that just one box of nerds wouldnt undo all the good work i had done for the day. so grab a box only to open it to find the greatest gift of all...
(watch Metalocalypse, you'll get it)
i just thought it was funny that i built up all this worry about eating some sugary treats and then there was literally nothing in it! honestly, what are the odds of that? anyhoo....

its monday. and i can't complain. one of the easiest days i've had in a long time.
slept in till 6:40 am.
caught all the green lights on my way to work
got in early
ate cereal. twice.
and the day is flying by.
no class after work.
just going to finish editing some videos for church.
and then eat some left over carnage from my easter luncher (that time between lunch and dinner, you know, the early bird special time) with my family yesterday and hopefully have a spa sesh with some friends later. if not, then maybe even make a dent into a new book i started. we shall see...


the perfect saturday

i got a
85 degees
ipod shuffle
and a smile


winter wonderland

driving thru hesperia on the way home from vegas and there is snow covering every thing.
im so glad i live in ca and have this random weather so people can pull over in the side of the road and play in the road slush and take pictures on the side of the highway like they have never seen snow before.

on the road again...

coolest guys on the strip

if you could only see this guys pants! ah.ma.zinggg. and the women were loving it.


state line

somewhere down the road...

listening to thee sweet sounds of saves the day.

1st stop on our way to vegas.

mmmmmmm.... <3


happy 21st josh

this is what remains of josh (bambi) after waiting till midnight at t.g.i.fridays to have his first drink (legally). the guy stayed up till 6am hanging out!
on friday his b-day celebration continues in vegas! im going to make sure he needs a bucket then... muhahahahaaaa.... getting him so wasted he'll never want to drink again (or at least a month). im just playing. i really dont encourage that at all. i am really excited about vegas though. just to get out of dodge for a day and do whatever. im not planning on going crazy. my body can handle that anymore and i gots the morals now. but i do want to get all dressed up.
its vegas. why not.


she ro ro rows my boat

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