aesthetically pleasing

well, i got bored again and changed the look of my blog.
im going to start posting a new picture in the header every week taken by my friend Ed McGowan. He is the head graphic designer or something really important like that, that i used to work with at plainjoe studios. he has became quite the photographer. check out his flikr. the beautiful model and adorable kids are his wife and kids.

friday is upon us and i am ready for the weekend:
-h.b. for nicoles bday dinner
-submit video application to chapman (alkjdsfh ajfhdsj fh;asjfhsfjsa! <----excited/nervous/anxious
-heather bridal showerrrr

...or something like that.


just call me Delilah

last week i got to:
-shave geoffs beard off

billy goat boyfriend

the famous brouillette

the hitler

-have my blood tested :'(
my past attempts of trying to give blood were bad experiences (thing passing out, convulsions while wearing a skirt, that sorta thing), but God gave me something (someone) to help me out this time!Rochelle! my blood giving buddy! we walked into the lab at the same time and didn't even notice each other till we sat down in the waiting room. its amazing how much i don't make eye contact with strangers. we both brought our moms haha. she made it into a contest to see who could man up and not cry. as you can tell from the picture i came prepared to tear up at the pinch of the needle and didn't wear any make up that day. im the biggest sissy la la with that stuff. its way different than getting tattooed.

-on Sunday i started filming my admissions video for Chapman. learned on Monday that everything i shot was ruined because the camera messed up my tape. grrrreat.
so Tuesday Jolene and i re taped everything and i still have a bit to tape tonight but yesterday i edited so much of it.
seriously, many thank yous to everyone who has pitched in and gave their time and helped out in any way. i love you guys.

Oh! and i just sent in the whole written part of my application in today. geoffs dad (an English professor) offered to read over all my essays and I'm so glad he did. he caught all the little things and we switch vocab around to spin stuff in a better light. as I'm sure many of you can tell, grammar and punctuation is not a strong point of mine hahah
anyhoo, if you pray, please pray that i get accepted and that God has His hand in making my admissions video look good enough to get in.
thanks guys


san francisco

ive been wanting to go up to SF for a long long time now. sadly i never seem to be able to get out of town so i was counting down the days till we left and on last friday it almost didn't even happen.
since geoff pulled an all-nighter re amping the guitars for SG's latest i wanted to drive. once we hit the grapevine we hit some bad weather and my little toasters tires aren't made for snow. at first it was just a little snowflakes, nothing to wake him up about but within a few mins you couldn't see the road except for the trails the tires made and traffic started to slow a lot. weather.com let me down and i had to wake him up to drive us out of there.
i just wanted to get out of the car and play in thw snow on the side of the road in typical southern California fashion. Ive never seen snow fall so heavy like that before. so pretty and bittersweet really. we were worried they were going to shut down the highway for the day.
luckily they didn't.
after many pee stops, waiting for an hour just to cross the bay bridge, and parking garage confusion we were finally at the hotel. thanks to orbitz for the sweet deal, we got a nice lil 12' x 12' closet sized room in union square.
it was freaking freezing out that night and there were so many homeless people and well people in general. prime place for people watching.

the next morning we were up early (and by early i mean 10am) to do the touristy thing and go to Alcatraz.
i got scared by a bum hiding behind branches in fisherman's wharf. no, i did not tip him for that but others did.
we decided not to take a taxi or a cable car around town and would walk instead. we're adventurous like that. and cheap.
looking at our first hill, it must have been at a 40 degree angle, and geoff says, "last one up gets bitched slapped" and it was on.
view from the top
then we ran into the whindiest road
my favorite part of the weekend: we had no where we had to be and just relaxed and hung out and walked anywhere we wanted.
we ran into this cathedral my dear friend mike told me about, Grace Cathedral. so beautiful. we got there during the prayer hour and they had someone playing the organ and people were about to start their wedding ceremory on the side.
i love stained glass
they had labrythiths in the church too
couldnt go past the curtain. i found that odd.

something that i was also looking so forward to was going to the california academy of science new museum. i watched how they built it during the summer on tv and it looked amazing and i had to go see it. apparently thousands of other people had the same idea that Sunday morning. luckily we bought our tickets online so we skipped that line but the line to get in was wrapped around the whole building! and i hate crowds. more than hating crowds i hate crowds of KIDS. within 15mins of the museum opening all the tickets to the shows they had were taken and they had to close the doors because they were over capacity. luckily we cut in line and walked right in but its was a zoo in there.
this was as close as we got to the aquarium
the rain forest pod i didn't get to walk thru
the planetarium i didnt get to go in
but we did get on the roof
yeah, that's a roof.

that museum was a bummer but the whole trip was so much fun that it didn't even matter.
haven't laughed as much as i did on the ride home in a long time and my left leg and arm are freckled with bruises from playing "outta-state" for 6hrs.





Boredom on the road

Few may get the video... ask Geoff to tell you about the story of comb
over Jake and the snickers bar.

We are a few hours into our drive back home. Somewhere in the middle of
California farmlands and I have to pee... again.


Happy Valentine's Day

...from San Francisco


Oh Sampson...

Today the water polo team Florida coaches shaved his beard and waxed his
back. On his way home he did a indo off his bike destroying his

We always joked that he would lose some of his "manly powers"
when he removed some of his body(he's like a bear)... never thought it
would actually happen.



so b, jojo, linds, heath, gray, jesse, and I all got up at 5:45 to get
free denys. The line was all the way to the altura bank! No thank you. I
would've taken a pic of that line but it was too dark still. So here is
are alternative.
Can't get us up for the gym but you say free food... we're there! Haha



Masterpiece in the making

I gave him a comb last week. He hasn't stopped combing since...



Why is it that i cant seem to remember the things that I should? I want

Chords, quotes, languages, scripture, recipes, equations... good luck.
But lyrics, movie quotes, and jokes... no problem.

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