noticed this at a stopped red light.


Food Blog aka Flog

i made hot chili with tostitos scoops! mmmm... :d


i even get suspicious when the fedex guy asks for my name when he brings a package.


I CAN cook

rainbow over my apt


i want more friday nights like this

butt cracks + cheap red wine + red hair dye = good convos

the video stop recording on the best part... Bob's hand motion/demonstration


i just parked and this was on my odometer! crazy huh?

no, i didnt plan it.


Rainy days/China made me lonely

watching romance movies. while its raining. while alone. while my boyfriend just left the country for a week. not the best idea.


self realization #4163510546

i like to play games.
like when i'm driving i will always try to change lanes without hitting a reflector. or the elbow/3second game. or when people yawn without covering their mouth and i try and poke their tongues. actually i only play that one with jon. some people are just gross. i have lots of inside games i play. i had another example but i forgot it. but anyways you get my point.

this is what i woke up to on new years eve. i dont like cats.
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