the stinky room

creepy hallway picture of the stinky room
to make a long story short: we think something died in the walls of our guest room.

when brett, my little brother, first heard me say that he thought i was talking about a person that was buried in our walls. but let me clarify: we think an animal (rat, mouse, etc) died recently in the walls of our guest room.
the smell started last week just days before my dad + fam were coming in from CO for my bigger little brothers wedding. perfect timing! at first i thought june might have pee'd in it the room while geoff was in the attic setting up our ceiling fan. but he shampooed the carpet in the room the smell just got worse!
ive called exterminators and all they said they could do was rip open the walls but there's no guarantee that they will find anything and ive called 2 home restoration companies and they both have bailed on coming over to our house this week. on monday this one company is going to come over and see what they think the smell is coming from. 
so for now my hobby room has become the new guest room (not complaining) so my step mom and rory didnt have to sleep in the stinky room. but geoff uses the closet in the stinky room and im hoping that smell doesnt stay in his clothes or he goes without them. either way, i win.

so for now the window is always open in that room but the door is always shut and we are hoping that whatever it is will decompose fast, if it is even an animal causing that smell. neither of us know what dead animal smells like. but if you have any advice on what to do or who to call, please let me know!

in other news:
  • florida and kristina are engaged in case you missed my last post! so if you get an invitation from a "Andrew Thacker" dont be confused. 
  • my brother james and his high school sweetheart, shannon, got married last weekend at a beautiful winery in temecula! so happy for them both! 
  • last weekend wouldve been 2 years of dating geoff but now that we're married idk if you count that stuff anymore...?
  • started to design the branding of our soon to be film production company: Shutter Films.
  • i had 6 kids around me at one time last saturday and ive moved our 5 year plan to 8! yay for babysitting-birthcontrol.
  • my life is moving faster than i can keep up with so sorry on the boring posts and lack of them and photos. i didnt even get any of my brothers wedding because we were so busy the whole weekend running around. 3rd wedding we've been in this year.

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