florida + kristina

on 5.27.10 geoff and i had the honor of helping florida out with his proposal. he stopped by my office and dropped of a container of rose pedals, a bag of baby candles, a digital camera and a video camera. the man was well prepared.
i couldnt be happier for them and fully support this marriage! florida is one of the greatest friends geoff and i have ever had and for him to find someone with as big of heart as him is so amazing and heaven sent. and ive never seen him happier, soft, lovey and considerate with anyone like he is with kristina. i love kristina and florida a lot!

heres a quick video of what i was able to catch on camera. the editing is rough but thats what you get with imovie. hope you can still feel the love.

p.s- id post the video from my youtube but i guess the song isnt WMP approved or something so there is no audio if you play it with them. lame.

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