the cleanse: day 1

without getting into too much detail, ive been having a lot of stomach (upper and lower) issues lately and after talking to a few of friends who've done cleanses, ive decided to do one myself. plus i could use a quick fix to lose the few pounds that just dont seem to fall off and geoff comes home in 2 weeks (heck yessssss!).

the master cleanse.

day one is supposed to be to wane yourself off food. so 6-12 servings of the lemonade/syrup/pepper juice and organic fruits. so i made myself a big ass pitcher of the special lemonade last night and brought a jug to work. the cayenne pepper killed me! and i ate an orange for lunch and had a bunch of water throughout the day.  i ended up throwing up in my moms car by 5pm. for serious. hi, im 12 and still getting car sick and ralphing in my moms car.
and since im being honest i must admit that i gave in and had a piece of pizza for dinner. i felt really guilty. and since we're being honest here i must admit that i had two pieces. oops!

so tomorrow im fully ready to tackle the hungers.
pre-made special lemonade (w/o the pepper), an orange, cucumber, and some zero water in case my electrolytes get low and i get the shakes. and instead of using grade B syrup im using Agave Nectar since its so low on the glycemic index. then to finish the night off with a sea salt flush. awesooome.

hopefully day 2 goes smoother and with less ralphing. my toughest times of the day are in the morning, after work, and forth meal time.

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Carynn Mae Eren. said...

when i did this a couple of years ago i did not last very long because i HATE maple syrup... i am tempted to give it a try with the nectar because i have a ton of it and love it... let me know how it goes! good luck :)

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