day 4/5/end

So by day 4... I had lost 3lbs of water weight and I had zero energy. I was having two "movements" a day and was barely sleeping.

Come day 5 and I could barely function. I barely made it to my doctor appt that day and had to pull over to a walgreens to use the bathroom. I was in there for 20 mins. 20 minutes of pure stomach pain and my legs falling asleep from sitting on the toilet for so long. And while I was peeing from my butt and calling my mom to pick me up because i was too sick to drive, i realized this is in no way healthy for me and I was ending it that day.

I felt like I broke edge.

How do anerexic people do this? How do you get your brain and body to that point where you can find comfort or power and control fighting a natural urge?

I can detox my body in a much more healthy manner. So now I am. But first, my first meal was with the ladies to lucille's. Florida's Kristina was working that night and she hooked us up with free dessert. But since i had gone so long without a full meal I couldn't finish my first meal because my guts shrank so much.

This may work for some people but I need food to function. And I love to eat too much.

Now I'm eating raw veggies and fruits and as little meats as I can and tea and water only. Pretty much only natural and whole foods. That's healthy I can handle.

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KristinChaos said...

I was reading about the cleanse, and could not comprehend how people could walk around functioning while doing this. It doesn't seem healthy at all! And at work the other day I was told how anorexic people do it. After a certain period of time of not eating your brain no longer processes the feeling of hunger. That's why kids with gut disorders who can't eat for months survive (on IV nutritional support, which does not make you feel hungry.) without the mental torture of "hunger"

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