Almost a home

Geoffs finally home.
He came home with a really long beard to his wife, dog and now his own
piece of California.
Sunday was their last show of this tour. Next one begins in mid June.
On Monday I took the day off work to relax but it was anything but.
The day was filled with riverside courthouse, social security office,
lowes, home depot, walmart and the 99cent store. By the time we got
home we wanted to go back to bed but our front yard was so
embarrassing and geoff was really excited to use his new lawn mower
and weed wacker. I baked some "thank you" cookies for our neighbors
who helped me out with the trash and mowing the lawn when geoff was
gone. They are so sweet.
And June hasn't left geoffs side since he's been home. She couldn't
seriously careless that I'm there. Don't bite the hand that feeds you,

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