day 2/3

so day 2 went a lot smoother than the first day. cravings weren't too bad and i only ate an orange and a few pieces of asparagus. just kept myself occupied and i was golden!
i ended up scoring a really cool vintage sewing desk off craigslist 
i put it in my little hobby room and i cant wait to clean it up and use it! theres all these little drawers and hidden cubbyholes with nails to hold everything. i love organization.

i did a lot of cleaning that night from the surprise party we had for april on sunday at the house. she was totally surprised and there was lots of food and good times. there was still a lot of candy (temptation) around the house still and i had a weak moment... i had done so good all day and what would one little reese's peanut butter cup hurt, i mean its just one and i wouldnt eat the whole thing just half. so i unwrap its goodness only to take a little half nibble out of it but then this wave of guilt came over me and i couldnt do it. i couldnt nibble it. so i licked it. yep, i went there. i licked it. then i wrapped it back up and tossed it in the trash. june gave me this look like, PASS IT DOWN!
productive night, no?

day 3 was rough. i started off feeling so hungry i was feeling sick. and by 4 i was STARVING. joanna and i were meeting up in rancho to pick up a gift we got the boys and while we were down there we went to this vegan restaurant. i caved. vegan is healthy, right?! sooo delicious. my belly was so full by the end i could tell my guts have started to shrink.
afterward i met up with natalie and brie at generate. ive never been a fan of that service for a few reasons but i wanted to go and hang out with nat and brie so i went. it was really beautiful. people choosing to be baptized and everyone was getting lost in worship. even little natorii went and got baptized! we didnt know till she came back to her seat and was soaking wet! haha it was a really beautiful night. to celebrate they got pizza. ya, pretty much my weakness. thats what messed me up on day one! but since it was a celebratory pizza i couldnt say no to a slice. or two. :\ im back on the saddle today and so far im going stong. but, its only 11 am.

heres a video of the pinata from sundays bday party. it had to be reinforced with tape and strung from 3 different ropes so the guys couldnt demolish it in one swing. this aint your average pinata party! and forgive my weedy backyard.

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