name changes

Dumb me. I didn't realize that when we were getting our marriage license in march that THAT was my final name change on that particular document. For some reason i thought that was when you picked it up. idk why... just going to blame it on the wedding brain.
Ideally, i wanted to have my maiden name as a second middle name or hyphened and have the longest name of anyone i know with: Candice Marie Valdespino-Brouillette
I wanted to have what i call a 3-liner.
on Geoffs drivers license his full name is so long that it takes up 2 lines. Even with my old name is was just one. but with this improvement i would for sure beat him.
Negative on that plan now.
I got my social security card in the mail and will be going for my DL in a few weeks. Takes forever to get an appt these days. I'll also be getting a new picture taken for it which would be cool. its the same one from when i was 15. not like much as changes since then though.
Seeing my name like this kinda makes me sad. its so final. well maybe not sad, more nostalgic? idk.
still trying to master my name signature though.

and a quick vid of June:

i know, i know. im totally the pet parent of the year....

i go straight to the source and she actually loves it

cool things happening this week:
  • my little brother is getting married on sunday to his high school sweetheart! im so excited to them!
  • because of this i get to see my baby brother and sister AGAIN this year! 
  • just bought my ticket to visit them this summer (surprise!)
  • and one of life's biggest question's will be answered tonight. in redlands. at market night. thats all im sayin' for now...

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