things that annoy me...

personalized license plates.

dont ask me why. they just seem so pointless to me. plus, if you do something stupid your going to me more easily remembered. "it was a old van with the license plate, 'JSUSLVS'"
which brings me to my next point: dont drive like a jackass with your religious license plates. it just makes us look bad as Jesus followers ...and ill take a picture of your car and post it on my blog for my own amusement.

you know this lady gets pulled over if seen driving after happy hour

grown adults proud to be disneyphiles.


sorry if you have one or if one of these is your car. but this is the attention you were hoping for when you ordered it, wasn't it?


Brenda_Says_: said...

I really hope I don't get pulled over after happy hour :-x

Should I change my plate to "SOBR4ME"

Lisa Marcia said...

THXU4 this post!

Ashley Nicole said...

I totally agree with you Candice! I hate that personalized crap. Haha. And it always happens to us that the people who have the Christian personalized license plate end up cutting us off on the freeway. Go figure.

candice valdespino said...

HAHAHA i took more this weekend and i think im going to post them. they are just ridiculous!

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