look what i found!

i called the number on his tag but that number is no longer in service. great.
i tried to introduce June to him but i couldn't tell if she was excited or wanted to eat him. 
Jolene likes him. and he seems to love Jolene. 
he keeps sniffing everything and then sneezing. so cute.
he has small little balls, a spike collar and his tag says name is Corona and that he from temecula and has a 714 number.... mmmk.....
obviously he is a Mexican dog so Jojo and i call him Cerveza and Pepe. he answers to both. 
going to have him for the night and take him to the corona animal shelter tomorrow morning on my way to work. 

but i kinda wanna keep him if June lets me.

im breaking out in hives. not building any immunities to dogs still... le sigh. 

so tiny and cute!  

okay, okay, not that tiny... i wish


Jenny said...

why on earth would you want to keep that rat? just kill the thing and be done with it.

this is gabe BTW, not jenny.

Jo Jo on the radio said...

The dog is awesome!! and his name is Pepe!

nicole said...

gabe...so mean! my dog is probably smaller than that rat!

i think toots needs a friend! keep him candy cane!

BreathTaker said...

Chonchito is a cool name. It means little fatty. Even though he may not be fat.

Lisa Marcia said...

You should keep him. That way when you're at work June and he can play !! :)

candice valdespino said...

@gabe when i first read this i was like, thats cold jenny!

@nicole i really want to! he needs to like june. bring toots over and date a meet and greet

@breathtaker haha thats a good one

@lovelylisa i hope they learn to play together. june needs a doggy friend.

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