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My lovely friend Lisa tagged me on her blog to post 10 things i love that start with the letter "R", here we go:

  • Reader: google reader that is... i follow a little over 70 blogs. when im bored at work or need to take a break from it i can just click that link and see what every one's up to. i love reading peoples blogs. seeing their thoughts and what interests them. one of the best things google has made in my opinion.

  • Ranunculus flowers:

  • Rain: drops, umbrellas, rain coats, boots, puddles and everything else that's involved. i think since its pretty rare that it rains in southern california is why i love it so.

  • Rory: my lil wild child half sister. shes adorable in every way but i may be a little bias. and that looooong curly hair of hers is so gorgeous. when she was really little she was a little brat and didn't like me much (mama's girl) but now when we visit she's my shadow. shes the girly-girl my father always feared.

  • Red hair: i love redheads. real or faux, people always seem to look better with a red hue in their hair. makes their skin tone better or something.

  • Ravioli's: its recently become our date night dinner and my comfort food. plus i can buy a big bag of frozen ones at staters for cheap!

  • Rings: anything to draw attention to hands. i love wearing rings. own a ton. but i always forget to put them on. i have one i never take off. its a promise ring i made with God when i recommitted my life to Him. it was an old, scratched up, tarnished, silver band i found in my jewelry box. thought it was the perfect fit.

  • Real Conversations: small talk is awkward. in fact it gives me a lot of anxiety. real talk. real convos please.

  • Realtor.com: i love looking at homes. just thinking about owning something gets me excited. plus i love looking inside other peoples homes. im a creep like that.

  • Relationships: i don't think any of my relationships have been in better shape than they are right now in my life. they aren't perfect but they are in a much better state than they ever were. except my relationship with God. i don't feel as close as i have before. its my fault. i tend to think He doesn't want to hear from me when i mess up so i back away feeling unworthy to even have Him listen to me. i know that's not how He wants me to feel. im working on it. but i have never felt closer to the people i trust with everything; my mom, brenda, and geoff.

R's are hard to think of.

now i tag:
Kretzu- "E"
Brenda- "L"
Jolene- "J"
Lolo- "G"
Carynn- "B"
Nicole- "C"
Josh Bambi Face- "S"
Mark - "M"


Brenda_Says_: said...

In complete agreement on the relationship part ;)

Frick... Now I gotta do it too!

Give me time... I'll get there.

Lisa Marcia said...

This is fun! :)

Debi said...

Red hair: i love redheads. real or faux, people always seem to look better with a red hue in their hair. makes their skin tone better or something.

You could just tell me you're in love with me...it's cool..i totally get it

candice valdespino said...

@brenduh - get on it!

@lisa - you gave me a hard letter! haha

@debi - youve known this the whole time. apple bottommmmm

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