sick at home

im bored at home. throat on fire. nose like rudolph and about to fall off. hives on my forearms. a pile of tissues on the couch. and playing ref between pepe and junebug while trying to watch anthony bourdain. 
june seems to like pepe. her tail wags when she sees him and she get WAAAYYYY too excited and scares the piss out of pepe and freaks him out under the coffee table. she just wants to play rough with the lil pup. its really cute. but i feel bad because june isnt allowed on the couch and i have to keep the pup up here to protect him from being pounced by her. 
i need to get my lazy butt in the shower and take the lil guy to the animal shelter. the girls dont want me to. if he is micro chipped he will be returned. if not, ill keep trying the phone number and look for lost dog signs but he will probably live with us too. im a sucker for lost dogs. please dont take me to an orphanage...
sorry this is a boring post. 
heres some pics from my busy last weekend:

jojo and debi went up north to visit a college and stopped by her friends wedding shop on the way back. got this sent to me on friday night at fdf.
never knew debi had it in her haha

xfloridax winning the mosh belt at xdsx show

mr & mrs glasby's beautiful ceremony

and just for fun....

colin showing off his food baby

also, congrats to my lil brother and his fiance! he popped the question this friday! so happy and excited for them <3

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