i don't get why people pull the religious card on the gay marriage issue. 
i mean, if you want to go that far why call any marriage between a man and a woman who don't believe in God a marriage? 
why not show all people love and equal rights?
why not let the people who are homosexual have a little piece of paper that says they are lawfully recognized as a couple and get the same benefits and treatment as a if they were a man and woman with a piece of paper?
do you think that your kids will turn gay? i mean, you know they were raised by hetero's, right?
do you really believe God isn't bigger than this? 
that something as small as giving people equal rights will effect you religion? your relationship with your God?

seriously, why are you so scared?


KristinChaos said...

Couldn't have said it better myself :)

candice valdespino said...

why thank you. its nice to know someone else gets it :)

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