Maybe this is just me but...


Mike Rowe/Grayson

Handsome Rob(Jason Statham)/Matt

Greys Anatomy/Kelsey

Mac (Justin Long)/Mike Ozaki


Shrek's Price Charming/Jonathan

Al Borland/Mark

Matt Damon/Chuck Baby

America (sisterhood of the traveling pants)/Brenda

hahaha oh travis boyd


kretzu said...

ok, most of those are dead on.

one question.

WHERE did you get that glamour shot of bob?! hahaha

Christina Fuentes said...

Niiiiiice Candice. Our friends are celebs and I'm cool with that. (Except Jonathan is a cartoon... awesome.)

O'Shunta said...

this is one of the greatest things I have ever seen.

You're a blogging queen!

candice valdespino said...

@kretzu - on his myspace haha

@christina - KELLY! but you dont look like her

@mike - i do what i can to make you laugh

Kelsey said...

LOL i love it! i never knew all of these peeps looked like celebs.. i agree with mike o, ur a blogging queen! ;P

Lisa Marcia said...

These are hilarious! I can't believe you could pinpoint all these people....crazy how similar they all are.

They Call Me Nails. said...

dude, i've totally ALWAYS thought tommie looked like toby.

joshbandyface said...

Awww. Do me! Do me!

RochelleClough said...

Good Job, this made my night!!!!!
I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it can't be snow white!!

esmeralda said...

everything i ever thought it would be and more... nicely done

joshbandyface said...

i think corre looks more like al borlan, and i think that jason (gayson) looks like val kilmer, you should do something about thoose 2 suggestions ;)

O'Shunta said...
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