the aftermath.
it kinda looks like a rocket ship and clouds or a bug with a thought bubble.
it still hurts a lot and its getting in the way of work, spoonoochiii sesh', and when i sleep.
but yesterday i rode by myself and did fine.
road - 1 candice - 1

went to rachelle's baby shower last saturday and i was a lot of fun. not your typical baby shower. it was co-ed and it felt more like a party. everyone hanging out eating and shwimmin' all in celebration. it was fun. there were a few games. like you get a piece of gum and have to make a baby.
i won.
a few times at the sheshack we have had these freak days where our window are just COVERED in flys. its so gross! they get sucked thru our fans and stuff. while we are all watching The Hammer, which is pretty funny, i went to swat a fly on the tv only to realize it was behind the screen. ew.

this was taken last week but i forgot to post it. jonathan sleeping inside starbizzle after getting all whiny that no one wanted to go to dairy queen :( haha

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